03/21/14- Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with singing legend, Miki Howard. There are claims that a DNA test proves that Michael Jackson is the father of her son Brandon.

“I don’t talk about Miki’s personal life…my child is 30-something years old. This is hurtful to our family,” Howard says.

Look further into the story and even more reports say that Joe Jackson is the father. Brandon has even recorded several videos on YouTube claiming to be his son. Then there is Miki’s ex lover who says he is the father. After 35 years in the industry, Miki has remained scandal free…until now.

Did the King of Pop really father a son with Miki or is Brandon Papa Joe’s son? Take a listen to find out!

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(Photo Source: PR Photos)

26 thoughts on “Miki Howard Refuses To Reveal Brandon Howard’s Father

    • darlene on said:

      when are people like you gonna STOP spreading RUMORS? If you listen or read what Question was asked it said how long did he think he was MJs son and he said a family member asked when he was a child NEVER does he conferm that he is MJs real son its just people think he looks like mj ? Please read everything carefuly.

  1. All of ya’ll wrong. About a week ago Brandon Howard finally came out of his own mouth and said Michael Jackson IS HIS FATHER. Follow the link I gave to the video. Also, the article is lying when it says that their are several videos where brandon says joe is his father. I’ve watched all of them and he never said that. In fact, he’s always asked if MJ was his father and never denies it but Yes he is MJ’s son he finally came out and said it.

  2. Wow the ignorance is real. Most of you are more likely to believe that MJ was an Alien from other space than to believe that he is that man’s father. Ya’ll are bugged !! Ps most of you don’t believe either of them so how would this help their careers?! Think before you type . .

  3. Miki made herself sound like an idiot. What did she think she was coming on to talk about? I mean really!!! Waste of time.

    • Anna Bell on said:

      People don’t listen. If you watch that unsung you will find that the announcer ‘suggested’ Brandon was her son. Miki did not say that out of her own mouth. Then the announcer says the alleged father didn’t believe he was the father. Watch the video link under my name. Brandon says MJ is is father.

  4. Seriously on said:

    Why would anyone take their word of a crackhead, Miki, Miki what is next? clearly you have no shame. But you are only making a fool out of yourself and child. I like you better when you were crackhead and quiet.

  5. newme on said:

    Miki is going to milk this for all it’s worth. The timing of this story speaks volumes because she has a new album coming out soon. She kept talking about signing ‘non-disclosure’ contracts, but if that were the case, why is her child running around taking and videotaping ‘DNA tests? Wouldn’t that violate the non-disclosure agreement? Michael is NOT this child’s father. If she ‘thought’ for two seconds this wasn’t going to come up when Jacque called her, then she’s not as bright as she should be. Let your talent speak for itself, Miki. You wowed us in the late eighties/early nineties with your skills and there was no scandal attached to anything you released. Surely you still have the touch.

    • SnowStormsinDetroit on said:

      It would violate the non-disclosure if HE signed it.

      I’m guessing you’re smart enough to figure that out for yourself tho. So I guess you were joking.

  6. Dana Evans on said:

    If she didn’t want to talk about who her son’s father is, WHY DID SHE DO THE INTERVIEW?!?! This woman is ridiculous!!

  7. pac4me on said:

    Miki “you come on” – WTF is wrong with you ( I don’t talk about Miki’s personal life) talking in the third person about yourself WOW!. Lies, lies, lies – insider story, single parenting, everything else too. Jacque, you did really good holding your composure with this woman and her nonsense (I know you told her what you wanted). Miki, just don’t agree to do anymore interviews period!!!

  8. Tanisha on said:

    This child is not Michael Jackson’s. He would not look like plastic surgery Michael. Let Michael RIP. Miki Howard does not know who the child’s father is that is why she was babbling and not making any sense.

  9. iann11 on said:

    You know that interview with Miki Howard was a disgrace against her. If you were not going to talk about the issue at hand, then why on earth did you agree to the interview. It only showed how desperate and stupid she is. If I never hear anything from this con-artist and her offspring again, I would be simply thrilled to death. Please Miki Howard go back under that rock you climed out from and get some MUCH needed therapy for you and your son!!!!!!

  10. on said:

    The man looks like Michael Jackson AFTER surgery….if he were his, wouldnt he look like the Jacksons BEFORE all of them surgically altered their faces?

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