1. Organizers of a DNA test confirmed Thursday that the test proved the Michael Jackson is Brandon Howard’s biological father.

2. TMZ reported that comedian Mike Epps was hit with a paternity suit in 2008. No word on if the child ended up being his or not.

3. Married NFL baller Arian Foster got his mistress pregnant and she went to the news claiming that he tried to force her to get an abortion. Once their child is born, she plans on suing for child support and confirming his DNA.

(Photo: AP)

4. Mathew Knowles officially became a father again (to a son) in 2010 after DNA test came back positive. (AP)

5. A waitress filed paternity charges against Marc Anthony in Miami. DNA tests proved he was not the father.

6. Rae Carruth is serving 18 years (for murder) because he didn’t want to submit DNA or pay child support.

7. Michael Jordan took Karla Knafel to court after a DNA test proved he wasn’t the father of her child. The court agreed.

8. Marsha Hunt had Jagger in court for 9 years before he was finally ordered to pay child support. (AP)

9. Mariah Yeater dropped a paternity suit against Justin Bieber & her lawyers withdrew from the case in 2011. (AP)

10. Jagger got a girlfriend pregnant while he was married. DNA test were positive & he was ordered to pay child support.

11. Autumn Jackson tried to extort money from Cosby claiming he was her dad. He offered DNA but she would not. She went to jail.

12. DMX was ordered to pay $5,000 a month to Davita Oden after DNA tests proved he was the father of her 4-year-old.

13. DMX claimed that Monique Wayne must have raped him & got pregnant – he was ordered to pay 1.5M in damages plus child support.

14. Natalie Fears filed a $12M paternity suit against Mike Tyson but DNA test results proved he was not the father. (AP)

15. After his death, DNA proved that James Brown was the father of Tomi Rae Hynie’s six year old son. (AP)

16. Jill Miskelly filed suit against Busta Rhymes & the DNA results showed a 99.9964% chance he was the father.

17. Steve Jobs took two years before he acknowledged his daughter Lisa with artist Chrisann Brennan. DNA test were positive.

18. After Anna Nicole passed, five men claimed to be Dannielyn’s Dad, but only Larry Birkhead’s DNA was a match. (AP)

19. A woman was ordered to pay Keanu Reeves legal expenses after DNA test results proved he had not fathered her 4 kids.

20. ODB died in 2004 and his widow Icelene Jones stored his DNA just in case any baby mamas came forward. (AP)