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03/17/14- Seems that way. The Fantastic Voyage crew is having a good time in Miami but they’ve been waiting on the arrival of Robin Thicke. Is the soulful crooner operating on CP time? We think so.

White Artists We Could Have Sworn Were Black
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2014 Fantastic Voyage via Instagram
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4 thoughts on “Is Robin Thicke Really Black?

  1. Nicole T on said:

    No, he is not black. He has figured out how to use who he is to unite people. I think that it is sad that we still look for excuses for our own shortcomings. He is a person that understands and connects with people, but also is not without flaws.

  2. Mac Ben on said:

    Is George Bush black? How about John Boehner?? Why do we always try to induct white folks into blackness, but white folks continually put space between us– even those that are partly white? Its been said that “black folks love their white daddy”, and this question gives credence to that end.

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