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Are Halle Berry and her husband Olivier Martinez heading for a divorce?

According to The New York Daily News’ Confidenti@l, the couple’s hectic schedules are causing a rift in their marriage. Berry is currently filming the TV show  “Extant” in Los Angeles, while Martinez is working on a new role in the ABC hit series “Revenge.”

The site also reports the 48-year-old Martinez and 47-year-old Berry have not been seen together in public since December 7, 2013 which is only adding fuel to the rumors.

Their son Maceo was born in October 2013, the couple married in July 2013.

Berry’s rep tells Confidenti@l , “this story is completely untrue.”

Hopefully they are not!

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6 thoughts on “Halle Berry and Husband Olivier Martinez are Reportedly Living Separately

  1. Two things: first of all, if these rumors are true, about a break-up between Halle Berry & her husband, then that is sad news. More, for Halle than for him. Why?? Because, I think that (quite to everyone’s surprise, and hers), beautiful Halle would find the true happiness that she is seeking in a man who comes from a more common background. Maybe, something on the level of a successful, blue-collar worker, developer, or small-businessman. All of those celebrity people (like her) that she has been associated with, are not for her. But also, if she does get involved with a common man, he has to be a strong, and balanced individual. One who is secure, and not intimidated by her celebrity world.
    Secondly: Some commentors before me, were re-acting to another person (Daniel Asamota), who ended his comment with these words about Halle: “No one can get along with that bitch.” To Chris & Kay, who reacted to Daniel calling her: “a bitch,” I think you both may have guessed wrong if you believe that Daniel Asamota, is a Black man. Or, of your race, assuming that (like Halle Berry) both of you, are Black. As I am, also. How do I know, about Daniel?? Just a gut-feeling.
    But, whether Mr. Asamoto is Black, White, or indifferent, he has no right to refer to any woman as a Bitch.
    And, I would also wager, that he (himself) has not had any more success with relationships, as Halle Berry has had. Just because you are a successful, beautiful, and respected celebrity, that does not guarantee you success in every endeavor. Ask Halle, or many other celebs like her.

    • Chris on said:

      Really? Again, our race goes down that path of calling women the B-word or the N-word. No wonder our race is on the verge of being extinction.

      • Words can’t kill off a race. Our race calls each other bitches and niggas on the regular. Hell Beyoncé calls all her fans bitches and they love it. Her husband not only calls other women bitches, he calls her a bitch. Nicki Manasty just put out a song where the word nigga is said more than any word in the song. Nobody dropped dead. And from what I understand, the word nigga is a term of endearment, so that won’t hurt us. But at the rate that our race is killing each other off – oh wait! I forgot. We also breed like rabbits! So, every time one of us “busts a cap” in another one’s ass, some bitch, somewhere is spurtin’ out one to take their place. So, no worries Chris. We’re a long way from becoming extinct.

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