Dr. Aleron Kong is a Morehouse-trained internist who comes by his medical prowess honestly – his parents are doctors Stephanie and Waine Kong. The youngest Dr. Kong is just as interested in Black health matters as his parents, even founding a professional group “We Make a Difference” that puts pre-med and medical students with professional mentors.

Now at Kaiser Permanente, Dr. Kong wants to help inform African-Americans about their increased risk of Hepatitis C and how they can avoid the disease that attacks the liver. As its possible to suffer the damaging effects of hepatitis C without symptoms, Dr. Kong says its important to have the necessary blood test so that if you do have it, it can be treated.

Listen to Kong’s interview on the Tom Joyner Morning Show below.


For more information on Hepatitis C, visit here.

Why does moonshine get rid of most viruses and other alcohols and medicines don’t?

LOL, it doesn’t.

Hi doctor, I have Brown blotches on my neck & the middle of my chest. I’ve tried creams but nothing works, What do you recommend?

Make an appointment to see your doctor.  It could be nothing, but you can’t put a price on piece of mind.

If you have Hepatitis A, can you get C?

You absolutely can.  Hepatitis A is normally short-lived though, and will go away quickly on its own.  The best way to protect against Hepatitis A is to wash you hands.

Which is worse Hep C or B?

Both have the risk of liver death and cancer.  Both should be taken seriously and screened for.  Asking which is worse is similar to comparing a stab wound and gun shot.

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