Actor Omar Epps appeared on The View on Friday to promote his new ABC show Resurrection. But what really got people talking was his outfit – which included a leather skirt. Black Twitter, of course, found this style choice… interesting to say the least, sparking a lengthy series of Tweets back and forth between Marlon Wayans and hip-hop pioneer Lord Jamar of Brand Nubian. (WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE.)

Jamar has been vocal about his dislike of  the “feminization” of Black men and when someone sent him a pic, he felt he had to respond. Read their  Twitter exchange here.

Well, you can check out The View clip above. None of the ladies on the show were fazed and in fact, Sherri Shepherd asks him to show it off. It’s not completely clear if its a skirt at all, maybe just the long leather piece of a tunic shirt.

Was Epps being fashion forward in a Kanye-edgy way (as West has also publicly worn a skirt, or kilt in his case) or was he doing just a little too much?

Tell us what you think…

9 thoughts on “Omar Epps Wears a Skirt On ‘The View’ – You Feelin’ It? [WATCH]

  1. Many of us pretend to be righteous and pure and even Christian but our hypocrisy is so obvious. If you use the Bible as a reference:Luke 12:23
    For life is more than food, and the body more than clothes.
    This doesn’t seem that what one wears is of great importance in the world scheme of things.
    Many people rail against sagging pants which show various degrees of men’s underwear and then other don’t care or see anything awry. It all useless discourse.
    In early history men just wore leaves or loin cloths or in Jesus’ time a loose garment much like a modern day woman’s dress. Do we ever read history? Our ignorance is destructive and incredible!
    How about focusing on more subtantive issue like adequate and fair pay in this upside down economy or housing for the homeless or anyone who can’t afford a home. This issue is just nonsense!!

  2. Linda on said:

    Ok, do you wear a skirt but the reason men shouldn’t wear them is because they don’t know how to sit. The wide legged stance with all your business showing is unattractive on anybody.

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