He can’t seem to catch a break, now can he?

First, the gun charges and now New York Knicks‘ point guard Raymond Felton‘s wife, Ariane Raymondo Felton, is divorcing him.

They were only married for 18 months. At least he knew to get a prenup.

But wait a second, she’s crying foul on that prenup.

She claims he cheated on her! And she wants the divorce … with some alimony!

She ratted him out to the cops about his firearm, and she filed for the divorce — stating “adultery” in the documents.

And she wants that prenup thrown out because of the adultery.

Not only is she seeking “maintenance” (code for alimony), she wants him to pay for her to finish her law degree at Fordham University.

Let’s see how this all works for her… or him for that matter.

2 thoughts on “NY Knicks’ Raymond Felton’s Soon-to-be Ex-Wife Wants Prenup Thrown Out

  1. Lynn on said:

    She is not smart enough to be a lawyer. First she gets him arrested which could cause him to loose his career and source of income, then she wants to sue for part of that income. Should have dealt with gun situation privately, then the money she wants to fight over would be more secure.

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