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bobbi-kristina-nick-gordonWhitney Houston’s daughter recently exchanged vows with her boo Nick Gordon. What should be a happy time for the newlyweds is turning into anything but. Apparently, Bobbi Kristina’s new husband got int0 a physical altercation with some of his wife’s family members. After the altercation went down, Gordon took his anger to Twitter and unleashed on all of the Houston family who doesn’t like him or his relationship with Whitney Houston’s only child.

According to reports, Gordon was confronted by Whitney Houston’s nephew Gary M. Houston and other family members about his recent marriage to Bobbi Kristina. It’s been no secret the family didn’t approve of Bobbi Kristina and Nick’s relationship as it was a main storyline in the short-lived Houston family reality show. Apparently, things got so heated, punches were thrown. After things came to blows, Nick Gordon posted on Twitter, “Everybody got so fucking fake after Mom passed away. Specially Pat.”

Nick Gordon continue the verbal onslaught by calling Gary Houston jealous. Gordon also stated that Gary Houston punched him in the face when he wasn’t looking but still lost the fight. Plenty of people came to the defense of the Houston family on Gordon’s timeline and he promptly told every single one of their supporters, “Yo yall coming to my twitter with bs can unfollow and block me.”

We had hoped the family drama in the Houston household would subside after all of this time, but it’s quite obvious it hasn’t. What do you think the Houston family needs to do so that they may find some sort of common ground?







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Nick Gordon Fights & Threatens Houston Family Via Twitter was originally published on theurbandaily.com

4 thoughts on “Nick Gordon Fights & Threatens Houston Family Via Twitter

  1. Katren Moss on said:

    This is Bobby and Whitney all over again. Remember everyone said their marriage wouldn’t last because we on the outside can see a lot better than those in the pot and right now Bobbie Kristina is in the pot. But Whitney was so determined to prove everybody wrong she stayed in that madness for over 15 years, got abused, started smoking crack and lost her annointed voice and died! How come nobody ever heard of this boy until Whitney died and then got married right before she inherits $2 mil??? come on Bobbie K, please wake up child, your mother is turning in her grave knowing you are walking in her footsteps…

  2. Debbie on said:

    Bobbi K needs to chill out and try working on getting her life together. She also needs to talk to her father. They lived in the house TOGETHER for 15 years, say something. She is named after him. Nick Gordon needs to go!!! Whitney had no business letting her underage daughter have a spend the night man anyway. It’s a mess. I feel sorry for Bobbi K.

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