One lucky fan, Shehnaz Khan is having the best birthday of all time! Beyonce caught glimpse of Khan’s birthday badge and sign during her “Mrs. Carter” show in Birmingham and personally sang “Happy Birthday” to the buzzing Bey Hive member who can be heard getting her life as she captured video (that focused mostly on Bey’s crotch. But hey, focusing a camera is difficult when you’re holding Beyonce’s hand). We’ve been seeing loads of Bey’s secret place between her new video “Partition” and 2014 Grammy Awards performance. She’s the crotchiest.

Shehnaz told the Daily Mail, “I was wearing a birthday badge which she noticed early on in the show, she kind of nodded in acknowledgement. I can’t believe she stopped the show for me. I was leaning over the barrier holding her hand and not realizing the camera was recording, everyone around me was going crazy.”

In other Beyonce news, the “Drunk In Love” singer posted a bunch of photos on her Instagram page. Check them out in our ultimate Beyonce gallery:

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