02/26/14- Pastor Michael Bledsoe, of Riverside Baptist Church in Washington DC, joined Roland Martin on the Tom Joyner Morning Show to discuss the open letter he penned challenging White Christians in Florida to stand up against the unjustified deaths of black teens in the state.

Bledsoe asserts, “Christ calls his leaders to be fearless and loved, they’re supposed to courageous and caring for all people; not just somebody who shares my ethnicity, my race or sexual orientation. If an injustice is being done to someone, we need to raise our voice.”

Read his open letter below:

Far be it that I, a white clergyman who is not a lawyer, instruct you as to the illogical nature of your “stand your ground” license to kill but let us note something that is apparent now after two cases where your predominantly white juries could not agree to convict a man who admitted he killed an unarmed teenager:  if you convict a person for attempting to murder ten teens but fail to convict the killer for actually killing a teen, then you have incentivized killing since, not only on the face of it but in actuality, you have told the person we will not convict you for killing a black, unarmed teenager but we will imprison you for attempting it.

The stench from your houses of worship is wafting its way across this country, polluting citizenship, demoralizing parents and families, mocking accountability and blaspheming the Holy God whom you say you love and worship.  If that offends you, try reading Amos.

Here is my premise and I dare you to prove me wrong:  if white Christians in Florida stood up and cried out for justice, demanding an end to the license-to-kill-stand-your-ground law, it would be rescinded immediately.  Where is your conscience?  Where is the little light you promised to shine for Christ?  You have put it beneath a bushel and suffocated it.  You know as well as anyone that teenagers should not be killed for playing loud music.  But then, we all know don’t we, that Jordan Davis was not killed for playing loud music. He was killed for being an uppity black kid who dared to smart off to a drunken white man with a concealed weapon’s permit.  Speak up, for Christ’s sake, for the sake of your conscience and because you know in your heart of hearts that had a black man killed your white son playing music in a car with friends, you probably would not have to be demanding he be tried because a mob of white folks would have administered mob justice.  Shame.  Shame. Shame!

Continue reading his letter here.

4 thoughts on “Pastor Michael Bledsoe Condemns White Christian Leaders in Florida

  1. Timekeeeper on said:

    Actually, white America is reading this. Over the past 18 months, especially since the death of Trayvon Martin, Koch Brother and extremist right wing activists have been alerted to and are even posting on all of these Stand your Ground blogs. We have seen the racist, vile and hateful rhetoric that some have cpome on to this website and posted their absurdity. I agree, I do hope he is reaching out to more mainstream media outlets. In the meantime, I am certain the Tea Party, Koch Brothers, and all of these so called private so called for America groups have paid operaitves on this site for the express purpose of trying to twist our messaging. Dont be fooled. This information will make its way back to the evangelical groups in Florida and elswhere. Although I doubt it will do very much to change their Hypocrisy. Too many of them are stuck between doing whats Right, or what’s white.

  2. I love that he is speaking out, but he is speaking out in black media to people whom he is condemning for not speaking out against a crime against a black teenager…let’s put our thinking caps on. Is this Amos like letter going to reach the audience for which it was meant? Probably not because white christians in Florida probably don’t listen to, care for, or even know that Tom Joyner exist. Thanks for the effort, but push into main stream media with something like this for it to be effective. No pun intended pastor, but you’re preaching to the choir.

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