02/21/14- Roland Martin talks with activist and filmmaker Keith Beauchamp about Discovery ID’s “The Injustice Files: Sundown Towns”.

Sundown towns are communities that prohibited African-Americans or other minority groups from living in their communities.  Learn more about this after you listen to the audio below.


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4 thoughts on “Keith Beauchamp: Sundown Towns Still Exist

  1. Johnny walker on said:

    actually grew up in the surrounding area of Dayton Ohio. west Milton, tipp city and such and I have to say I heard stories of black folks getting run out of town and I remember vivid accounts of my cousin getting harassed because she was in a car with a young black man. this was only about 20yrs or so ago and I haven’t been back so who knows if things have changed.

  2. Vidor, Texas is correct. A number of years ago an African American man moved there from Beaumont , Texas, only to end up dead within a few weeks of the move.

  3. there are places in the surrounding Detroit area that are sundown towns everybody knows where they are located. When I was a bus driver I would tell my riders make sure u get to the other side of 8 mile before dusk.

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