brian-mcknight-child-suppor-resizedSinger Brian McKnight is in the midst of fighting for his financial freedom. He recently filed a lawsuit against his former accountant claiming the accounting firm was so deceptive in their managing practices they went as far as to get a United States Congressman to help cover up their shady business dealings.

McKnight filed the lawsuit against Vernon Brown & Company for not paying any of his taxes for nearly a decade. Because Vernon Brown’s company failed to handle McKnight’s taxes for ten years, the singer owes more than a million dollars in back taxes and more than $500,000 in penalties and interest. The “Back At One” singer says Brown knew he had royally messed up his finances because Brown set up a call with Congressman Henry Waxman where Brown gave the Congressman a phony sob story which caused Waxman to have the IRS put McKnight back on an installment plan to back the debt. However, even with the installment plan, none of Brian McKnight’s taxes were paid.

Brian McKnight says his credit is in the toilet, there’s a lien on his house, and all of his music royalties have been frozen. The tax problem is even starting to cause problems for one of his sons. Because Brian McKnight’s taxes weren’t paid, his license was suspended. His eldest son Brian McKnight Jr’s license was also suspended because they share the same name.

The tax problems have gotten so bad Brian McKnight landed on the list of California’s Top 500 Delinquent Tax Payers.



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4 thoughts on “Brian McKnight’s Finances In Shambles Thanks To Dubious Accountant

  1. The man has put out great music, over 20 years. If they had the chance, I bet his fans would love to show some active appreciation and support. A little gift from each one of them … each giving $1 dollar for each McKnight tune he/she ever liked… directly to the IRS account… His biggest tax problems would be history in a blink :)). He should post his IRS-account bank details on Twitter and Facebook, really.

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