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Here’s another social experiment that will have you shaking your head.

Not that we needed another reminder of the social inequities Black people sometimes face, the folks over at UrbanMedia TV did a social experiment that leaves one wondering: How far have we really progressed in this country?

Watch the video above and give us your opinion in the comment section below! SOUND OFF!

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17 thoughts on “What Happens When a White Guy Tries to Break Into a Car Versus A Black Guy? [WATCH]

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  2. There need to more educational videos like this at office meetings. Even the cop (suppose to be trained) didn’t look at the fact the guy was trying to get in the car from the passenger side. I think a real theft would try the easiest route, the driver’s side. So the cop by passed any training that he had and judged the color of the guys skin! Very sad!!!

  3. Virginia on said:

    It’s also a powerful example of why so many white people GET AWAY with crime. They are never considered suspects, until they kill 20 people, abduct and hold a little girl for 10 years or steal a Billion dollars. It actually makes it unsafe for Everybody.
    While they’re putting black folks away for petty crimes (what could all those cops have been doing other than going after ONE possible–FAKE–auto theft?), white folks are walking away from montrous crimes and victimizing MOSTLY other white people.

    This society’s paranoia about black crime, is causing a lot more crime than it prevents.

  4. Raleigh Delesbore on said:

    Whats really sad is that the brother could have been anybody black(NBA, NFL, Tennis, Golf pro Rapper, Movie actor or TV personality, or anybody dark skinned). But when people saw a white man doint the same thing it was alright. He just locked his keys in his car. But when they saw a black man doing the exact same thing, the cops were called, not one or two cops about about ten.

  5. Sad to say but there’s nothing new here. I wish things were better but in my heart of hearts I know they are not and likely never will be.

    • It was just ‘a place’ somewhere jhuf. Your lens of white privilege f’s up your perception of reality. The only way to explain that is this: the biggest problem alcohol/drug addicts have is: Their perception of the problem is the problem.

      • Well granted those graphic videos of “the knock-out game” and the one of the relatives
        Coaching the infant to use vulgar language could give cause for me to wonder, as far as
        white privilege I’m sure Michel Dunn would disagree , he will be joining millions of
        whites who may disagree as well. Anyway I’ll keep and play this video the next time I see
        camera footage of a graphic crime being committed by one of my follow AA’s

  6. Aah…………….AmeriKKKa !!! This video would surprise NO black person (whether they’ve experienced such bigotry personally or not). What bothers me is that MANY Whites could watch this and see nothing really wrong. It’s such a fabric of this nation & so constant that it’s “accepted” behavior in their eyes. I’m sure most blacks are tired of that phony White line “this is a POST-RACIAL society…….after all, we have a Black President…….blah blah blah”. White folks have a very difficult time acknowledging their ill-gotten WHITE PRIVILEGE. Quite sad reality!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Wildflower on said:

      That line you wrote, “Whites could watch it and see nothing really wrong”. is profound! You can’t or won’t fix what you don’t think is broken and therefore we are in the 2014 and nothings changed.

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