From flamboyant “Fashion Queens” to regal and respected lesbians who choose to “out” themselves on social media, being Black and gay in Hollywood isn’t as fabulous as it seems. There’s a pressure to come out if the world questions your sexuality, there’s an unbalanced representation of Black gays in the media and don’t even get me started on gay men being accessories for women who label themselves divas.

#TeamBeautiful wants to open up this conversation live with a few media personalities who have a strong voice about Black gay Hollywood. We’ve tapped writers Xavier D’Leau, Michael Arceneaux and Terrance Dean to deep dive into this poignant conversation and shed some light on the perception of being Black and gay in Hollywood.

Join us today at 2 pm EST for the Google Hangout. The link will be provided as soon as the chat is live. If you want to join in on the conversation, use the hashtag #HBtalks and pose your question or just tweet your comment.

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