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Gabrielle Union Wants A Prenup

Gabrielle Union is beautiful, talented and smart. The “Being Mary Jane” star visited “The Arsenio Hall” show where she dished on wedding plans prenups and failed relationships of the past. Gabby revealed that she is insistent upon having a prenuptial agreement with future hubby Dwyane Wade because she’s never seen him balance a checkbook and would rather just deal with her stuff (if a divorce ever happens). Gabby also dished on their wedding details and despite her paycheck, she’s going for a modest ceremony.

“There are no bridesmaids and no Groomsmen.  Trying to wrangle a bunch of broads…somebody wants one type of dress, somebody wants something else, you start to not like them after a couple months.  And we’re older.  This is the second time around.  It’s us and the kids.  We’re just riding out…just us.

And it doesn’t stop there…

“There’s a lot of people that think they’re coming.  They’re not.  He’s the executioner.  He’s like, ‘Let’s go through your list…absolutely not.’  I’m like, ‘My cousin?’  If you’re not about us, and we don’t both have a relationship with you, you’re not going to make it. So if we were at Magic City in Atlanta, you’re probably not coming.”

In case you forgot, D Wade fathered a child outside of their relationship while they were allegedly on “a break.” The couple handled it privately and isn’t letting it stop their big day.

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