Michael Ealy Opens Up About Marriage

Who knew Michael Ealy was married? Guess we missed the memo in between gazing at hypnotizing eyes and chiseled pectorals. The “About Last Night Star” doesn’t share much about his private life, so when he opened up to RollingOut Magazine about his wife, we were utterly surprised. Ealy covers their latest issue in a dapper suit and piercing stare.

Michael wed Khatira Rafiqzada in October 2012 and says she wasn’t exactly “his type” but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Check out clips fromt he interview:

I think it caught a lot of people off guard when you got married. Why was it the time right to take such an important step?

Well, you know me, and you know that I am an extremely private person. But what I can say is that I’m not a young cat anymore. I’ve gone through my share of relationships, which ironically enough, I think have contributed to the work that I’ve done in some of these relationship films. I can relate to Danny in this new film, because I was him. So when I watched the film I was so happy that I had matured beyond that point in my life. Don’t get me wrong; marriage opens up an entirely different can of worms as it pertains to your evolution as a man. I’ve found that for me, the timing of it was right … that’s all that I can really say. And that’s a personal decision that was not made in haste, because we were together for four years. But when you find someone — and that’s something that is very hard to do … but when you find someone that you actually want to spend the rest of your life with, you have to go for it. I was just very lucky that the stars lined up for me.

Now that you have made your decision, and you’re happily married, what is a piece of advice that you can give to other men who may be contemplating that next big step?

While, I don’t consider myself a person that should write a book, or give advice on relationships, what I will share is my personal perspective. What helped me along the way was I had two personal friends of mine whose fiancés died. And I went through a personal struggle where my father got really sick, and I spent a week with him … and it just dawned on me that we don’t have as much time as we think. And when you’re done playing games, and you find someone who has qualities that are much more practical as opposed to romanticized ideals, then you’ve got to hold on to them.

And he even addressed why he didn’t marry “his type”:

People think that you’re supposed to marry your type … well, I didn’t marry my type. It’s much more practical, and based in a day-to-day existence. So when you have that, and you’re happy, and you love her, don’t waste time. Because time — and I’ve learned that at this point in my life — time is my most precious commodity. Nothing is more precious than time. Because when it runs out … that’s it.

Check Michael Ealy out in the romantic comedy, “About Last Night” in theaters on Valentine’s Day!

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