What if you came to work and found a noose placed next to your belongings?  That is what Vanessa Savage, a black woman from Washington County, Oregon, found in her cubicle one morning at Washington County’s housing authority. What made the noose even more alarming was that it was from her supervisor. Savage looked at the noose, complete with a note attached that said “termination notice”, as a possible prank or threat.

“This is 2014 and a supervisor brings a noose to work and nothing is done about it,” Savage said.

Shocked and distraught, Savage notified authorities of the incident. Despite these facts, an investigation from the county concluded that there was no racial undertone, but it has been recommended that they order all the employees undergo sensitivity training.

Savage has refused to back down from the county’s conclusion about the noose. “A noose is designed to terrorize people and there’s a historical precedent that that’s what the noose does,” Savage said.  “And when you put a noose on a note that says ‘terminated, fired,’ he wanted it to have a certain impact and it did.”

She has also hired an attorney to help her further into this case. Since then, she has taken a leave of absence from work, saying that she was working in a hostile environment.

It remains to be seen what the outcome of this case will be for Savage, but it is evident that workplace racism still exists.

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43 thoughts on “Black Woman Finds Noose in Office Cubicle

  1. October on said:

    If you do not like AA’s, why come to their website? If I don’t like someone for whatever reason, I wouldn’t engage in conversation. We’ll do fine without you.

  2. Nathan on said:

    Not anonymous at all. Nathan kabbaz. And like I said even the blacks that I know hate the city blacks who jump around whoopin and hollering because they think they look tough. Blacks join gangs because they are scared and they act shameless all the time to get attention… and if anyone calls them out they are automatically racist. If I’m at a movie and some black is yellin and being all crazy I say sit the fuck down and shut up. Then I’m racist. I would do the same to a white guy. But you guys can’t imagine ever being wrong so you pull the race card.

    • Nathan is just another internet anonymous tough guy. He loves the internet because he can talk tough without getting his head bashed in. If you confronted him in the street you’d find a pimple plagued 24 year old virgin with a wandering eye. He’s really quite pathetic. I’m not sure he’s even educated enough to be considered 24. He’s probably closer to 12 years old with his lunch sack still prepared by mom.

  3. Hey little boy nathan I see your having a temper tantrum. Don’t worry we’ll give you the white house back just needed to see how it feels.

  4. I am a BLACK MAN who feel the confusion that this young lady might feel. So that is where I start from. Bullies do thing to invoke fear, low self esteem and because they feel inferior in some way. Right now this young lady needs support not name calling. Call me what you’d like but it has been documented now much love that my generations have for me by all the bullying that they were willing to pay the price for just so that I could live. Let’s give this young lady support not negative feedback.

  5. Nathan on said:

    You fucking coons think anyone cares who the president is? We hate blacks because they are idiots. Go anywhere and just look at them.

  6. Gloria Smith-Matthews on said:

    Racism still exist. Black people constitutional rights are violated on a daily basis. You can be up to your booties in white satin, with gardenias in your hair, and no sugar cane for miles, but you can still be working on a plantation. by Billie Holiday. I rest my case.

  7. Its like this I would have taken it as a treat filed a restraining order against whomever threatened me to shrug it off and not care is what scared children do. It is a weapon and I’m sure there is a policy no weapons allowed I know white racist hate me Cuz I’m not racist and understand the ignorance and fear that comes from it these racist people are the ones that break down the fabric of America you so busy being racist you can’t run your business with respect and dignity.

  8. She was black, it was a noose . No way it’s not racial ,,,,, I agree. ,with the person that said to call REV Al Sharpton ASAP , what a disgrace for this American boss to truly think that type of disgusting, revolting behavior towards his employees is ok ???? Is that how he is treating all the people who are Applying for housing benefits under his jurisdiction??? Scary ,, just scary!!’!!! Wow she should NOT have had to go thru this..,absolutely wrong , this is not a joke , this is absolutely life threatening if you look at history!! Prayers for this woman!! she needs justice for this now!

  9. Jessie on said:

    She was not the recipient of the noose. It was another fellow employee. My guess is the other employee was not African American, because if she was I’m sure the article would have it on blast.
    Workplace racism does exist. I have people make racist remarks about me being half white and half Asian all the time. I don’t blame the entire population of black or white people for a few ignorant jerks. After all this white and Asian chick was able to rise higher in life without any help from the government than they were. It was through hard work and good choices. Additionally Obama is half white and was raised by a white woman and Asian man. His biological father did NOT raise him. The moral of the story is don’t let yourself get sucked down the hate rabbit hole, because once you do, you are the same as any other racist.

  10. ollie speed on said:

    IS nathan for real? Or is he made to keep our attention and get a reaction out of us. Well if he exist he and his beliefs are a waste…but u always must show a person,when it happens he’ll believe..”MISSISSIPPI”.Is his wife white or is his biological son white. Or is he just blind.

  11. marteda on said:

    Nothing surprise me in this country.Racism has never left.Since we have a African American president all the haters have came out.I hope she will get justice for that mess.That was horrible!!!

  12. In my opinion on said:

    I want this man to be fired, I want her to win a huge lawsuit and I want it on the front page of every newspaper. This needs to be headline news.

  13. Cynthia turner on said:

    Nathan says he’s Syrian why are you in this country? Oh yeah you wanna live a normal life without a bomb going off every five min. Go back to your origins!

  14. Tina C on said:

    He is probably not White … “investigation from the county concluded that there was no racial undertone”. Tell the WHOLE story not just the parts that will get people upset and leave us to make assumptions!

  15. Linda “Plain and simple–Caucasians need to get over themselves—they are the real INFERIOR RACE!!!!!”
    > Thanks for further galvanizing racism in this country.

    >Two wrong make a right? Sad…

  16. Caucasians are still angry that there is a Black man and his family in the “White House.”
    Ever since Barack H Obama’s election in November of 2008–the roaches have come out of the woodwork–“RACISTS.”

    A noose hanging in ones cubicle is not a JOKE–it is an insult!
    I find it remarkable that white folks find this humorous and not harmful.

    This must be the same as when they shape up their mouths and call us the “N” word.
    There is a totally different connotation when whites use that word compared to when Black folks use it towards one another.

    Plain and simple–Caucasians need to get over themselves—they are the real INFERIOR RACE!!!!!

  17. This is one more “not racially intended “act…..what is going on ..I’m am at a loss for words…how do you recover from something like this. SHE SHOULD NEVER HAVE TO WORK IN THIS ENVIRONMENT OF CLEAR RACIAL BIAS.. AND NATHAN SHUT THE HELL UP….ONE MORE STUPID IGNORANT FOREIGNER THAT HAS NO CLUE WHAT WE HAVE ENDURED IN THIS COUNTRY…GO HOME AND TAKE YOUR BOMBS WITH YOU!!!

  18. Pangpane on said:

    @Nathan you said before anyone go assuming things, yet you assumes that Blacks breed like rabbits for benefits…can you give me the facts that support that? And no assumptions, I need concrete evidence

  19. Solution – create more of our own jobs. We stay begging for scraps from the massa’s table, so massa thinks he can treat us any type of way.

  20. Sir Charles on said:

    First and foremost, take a look at the State and where this action is taking place, Oregon!!! We have a small percentage of black people living there. This is the State where zimmerman would hide out at. She would be lucky to find a good attorney to take her case, below average, maybe one average attorney who practice civil right cases. The law is unfair to African-Americans in Oregon…

  21. How in 2014, putting a noose in someone’s cubicle is not racially motivated is beyond me!! This has every racial undertone you can imagine. This is sick and she should sue the pants off this Supervisor and the Housing Authority.
    The Supervisor has the authority to make her work environment hostile and this BS in 2014 is just unacceptable.
    Most upwardly mobile Black people have paid their dues and stil have to deal with this nonsense.
    Sue all of them!!! and call Rev. Al Sharpton….

  22. If I was her, I’d file a personal lawsuit against this nut and wipe him out. He might get to keep his little county job but he wouldn’t have Sh!# else when I got thru with him. I suspect by bringing it to the public’s attention, that’s exactly what she’s planning to do.

  23. Nathan you sound like a pain in the backside.That manager should lose his job, it’s 2014 and people still don’t know how to talk to each other if she was not doing her job why not call her in the office and get rid of her the right way not by something so evil. People so stop believing when they say we are all the same because no we are not because if a Black manager did that to an White women they would be gone.

    • Everything isn’t racial but this is. Is leaving a noose on her desk a professional judgment? No it was a racial intimidation tactic that the company would like not to address.
      As far as GZ he got away with murder and he will pay for it for the rest of his life by being mentally locked up. His actions since the trial speak loudly!

    • Newsflash Nathan: WHO DO YOU THINK CREATED THE RACE CARD??? THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA WAS BUILT ON A FOUNDATION OF THE RACE CARD. Slavery, the near extinction of the Native American population, denial of voting rights, which by the way the rightwing/teabagging reTHUGlicans are desperately trying to snatch away. WHY? Because YOU’RE PARANOID AS HECK THAT THE SAME TREATMENT YOU’VE DISHED OUT SINCE THE BEGINNING OF TIME IS BEING TURNED BACK ON YOU AND YOU CAN’T HANDLE IT!! It doesn’t feel so good knowing that the MAJORITY of the people in this country are becoming blacker and browner everyday, not to mention that fewer white babies are being born, and more black and brown babies are being born. What are you afraid of, really? So before you start tossing out the ‘you’re playing the race card’ card, think about it’s origins, who created it, and more than anything, if something doesn’t exist for one group (discrimination), than it can’t be REVERSED for another (discrimination).

      • Newme I’m Brown (Syrian). And the blacks breed like rabbits for the benefits. So before you go assuming shit you should think twice. And I’m a democrat. I just think black people take what white people do and blue it up… if a white or black guy put a fake shoe bomb on my desk I wouldn’t cry like a little baby. I would just say working with you guys has been a BLAST 😉 I can do this because I don’t cry evertime someone makes a joke.

    • @Nathan – call us when a Black person stops you from getting a job or living where you want to live. Blacks haven’t the power to stop a white person from doing anything in this country. Note: IF you are black – stop being a white apologist. We have enough of them already.

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