A 25-year-old Black woman from England experienced racism in the workplace the hard way after catching her white coworkers at a management company making all sorts of prejudice generalizations about the way Black people smell and the haircare practices of Black woman specifically.

Racism in the workplace is an issue that can affect many industries, and unfortunately it looks like Google techies might not be as forward-thinking in the race relations department as they are when creating innovative products, particularly when it comes to Black women.

French anti-racism activists who telephoned temporary employment agencies posing as a construction firm that wanted to hire only “European” workers say that more than one-third of the firms agreed to help with the discriminatory search.

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What if you came to work and found a noose placed next to your belongings?  That is what Vanessa Savage, a black woman from Washington County, Oregon, found in her cubicle one morning at Washington County’s housing authority. What made the noose even more alarming was that it was from her supervisor. Savage looked at […]