The Grammys are known as music’s grandest stage for artists to showcase their musical talents and accolades for all the world. It is a night full of performances and awards given out, but last Sunday night’s Grammys has left some of Black America questioning the awards show. Yes, the Grammys do have value for any musical artist. It helps the artist generate more publicity about themselves and sell more records. One of the questions that is being asked this week is if the Grammys are actually made for black artists to succeed.

According to Dr. Boyce Watkins of, the Grammy awards were created to recognize a select group of artists they value.  They were created to be geared more towards whites, similar to how the Soul Train Awards were made for black people.  He makes the case that White America isn’t lining up to be a part of a Black awards show, but African Americans will be a part of White award shows, such as the Grammys. Since the Grammys are ran by predominately white individuals, Watkins believes that it will continue to be the same for blacks at the Grammys every year.  He even suggests that blacks should consider the possibility of boycotting the show. But with all the free publicity the awards show can garner for an artist, that is not likely to happen.

Soul singer India Arie had some strong opinions about the Grammys as well, saying that the awards show purposely “excludes” black people. Arie made it known on her Twitter account that she was upset about hip-hop artist Kendrick Lamar losing to white rap duo Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.  She then went on to say that all of the black artists of the night were the biggest losers.

She added: “And this isn’t the first time the Grammy’s has had a show all but excluding young black America and black artists in general, although we set the worlds musical trends.”

So are the Grammys really an awards show made for blacks? Who really knows the true answer, but with not many awards being won by black artists this year, it has surely raised some eyebrows in Black America.

(Photo: AP)

6 thoughts on “Are the Grammys Really Made for Black Musical Artists?

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  2. ron murray on said:

    It’s the only thing that holds the audiences attention. All other performances are “white bread”, they just don’t “have it”.

  3. BlackBeauty on said:

    Once again, another useless article/blog by some would be writer who’s only intent is to “rile” up certain mind-sets.
    “Are the Grammys really made for Black musical artist?” What a crock!
    No one was saying that when black folks was winning Grammy’s all over the place!

  4. If white artists aren’t belly achin’ about not being big winners at the Soul Train Awards, why us Ms. Arie’s panties all bunched up about a black crapper not winning at the Grammys? I don’t get it.

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