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Ted Nugent has long proven himself to be nothing more than the Ku Klux Klan meets a fine arts class. That said, no one should be surprised that the rocker and racist who won’t admit he’s a racist continues to spew racial venom in the direction of President Barack Obama. Nugent, who is in a one-sided feud with President Obama, offered more choice words for our commander-in-chief in a recent interview with

In his most-recent interview, Nugent addresses “Barack Hussein Obama” as a “gangster” while adding that the President and other liberals should be jailed and face “the just due punishment that their treasonous acts are clearly apparent.”

Nugent went on to say:

I have obviously failed to galvanize and prod, if not shame enough Americans to be ever vigilant not to let a Chicago communist raised communist educated communist nurtured subhuman mongrel like the ACORN community organizer gangster Barack Hussein Obama to weasel his way into the top office of authority in the United States of America. I am heartbroken but I am not giving up. I think America will be America again when Barack Obama, [Attorney General] Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, [Sen.] Dick Durbin, [former New York City Mayor] Michael Bloomberg and all of the liberal Democrats are in jail facing the just due punishment that their treasonous acts are clearly apparent.

So a lot of people would call that inflammatory speech. Well I would call it inflammatory speech when it’s your job to protect Americans and you look into the television camera and say what difference does it make that I failed in my job to provide security and we have four dead Americans. What difference does that make? Not to a chimpanzee or Hillary Clinton, I guess it doesn’t matter.

And if that wasn’t enough, Nugent went on to attempt to drag former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton through the mud too:

Our politicians check their scrotum in at the door. Even Hillary, but obviously she has spare scrotums.

Only a week ago, Nugent wrote a column claiming that African Americans must “admit to the self-inflicted destructo-derby they are waging” in order to honestly celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Obviously, we want the opinion of an old White man who refers to Black men as chimps to tell us the best way to honor a fallen civil rights icon. What’s the best way to burn a cross without messing up the grass, Ted?

Anyhow, I suppose this is the part where I’m supposed to be enraged and get all reactionary to the amusement of racist trolls who scour the Internet looking to wage battle with an “angry Black man.” However, I don’t feel anything about Ted Nugent much less his thoughts on any issue imaginable.

I’ve been irritated before by his inflammatory remarks, but by now I understand they’re framed by a combination of stupidity and mental instability.

Nugent can be mad all he wants about the country evolving and not reflecting his point of view. I can just continue to be happy that the Ted Nugents of the world dying are slow, painful deaths. So you can make all of the racist and sexist remarks you want, Ted. Continue to be the best PSAs for both progress and birth control.

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10 thoughts on “Ted Nugent: Obama Is A ‘Chimpanzee, Subhuman Mongrel’

  1. jonathanlk on said:

    One thing about racism that will always be wrong, or at least logically fallacious, is that it classifies people into a category by superfical attributes such as color (white or black or yellow etc.), and the individual becomes negated. Once our individuality is erased it is easy to say everybody of this or that color is guilty of this or that, or is funny, inferior, weird or evil because they are different in some general way. We even forget we are all the same specie, belong to the same race, live in the same community on the same planet, breathe the same air. I like to always see the individual, this way at least everyone has a chance to distinguish himself by his own actions (which counts more to me than color, height, width, religion or lack of it and so on). Ted’s observations only reflect his own true feelings about himself. He may not be sub-human in his capacity but his diatribe against Obama seems to only reflect his submission to the limits of his own genetically residual primevil, pre-human wiring. His words and actions betray his need for attention, his childish and limited outlook, his insecurities, his reckless, immature, emotionally undeveloped, and worst of all, that he is a very dangerous psychopath. He should should at minimum not be allowed to own a gun due to his evidently unstable mental and emotional state. He may need to be taken off the street and put into an institution at least for observation. He is a serious threat to the human community with his outbursts of hate speech and violent verbiage. I believe in freedom of speech, but hate speech is an abuse of this right and it and this should be considered offensive by all. React to it in a level headed way. Freedom without responsibility and understanding is like car keys in the hands of a toddler. The right to own a gun stemmed from an 18th century need, which related to our being imminently threatened by attacks from Indians and the French, and later the British who all did more damage to us than any modern group of terrorists. Of course this ‘right’ was for our immediate protection. But gun technology has changed and so has the need for them. The guns are now much bigger and the need is much smaller. It has come to the point where we need protection from our own citizens who own the guns and more specifically who own semi-automatic weapons. This is absurd! This right has been quietly expanded to include weapons of mass destruction such as semis, which are then utilized for only one purpose which is for killing large groups of our own innocent citizens, people like you and me. I think we need to seriously set limits to what ‘bear arms’ means and who can have them. Ted is a case in point. A loose nut with no moral compass, with a collection no doubt of machine guns. Where does it stop? Semi-automatic weapons, hand grenades, anti-aircraft missiles, dirty atom bombs, neutron bombs, and for anyone at any age? Freedoms and rights are beneficial only until they are abused to the point where they infringe on the freedoms and rights of others. Groups like the neo-nazies, the KKK, the Taliban, Al Qaeda, need each other and don’t realize how much they need everyone else. Maybe Ted should consider that without the blacks we would not have won the Revolutionary war and would still be under Britain’s rule, and today would not be even allowed to carry guns. We won the war, and it could not have been won without many critical factors being in place when they were, such as winning at Saratoga, The French coming to our aid, and without the economic benefits of slavery to support the Colonies. and But these extremist groups tend all to be weak in character and need each other to justify and forgive their irrational feelings, ideas, and behavior. They should be confronted as individuals and asked, challenged with, intelligent questions. They have no real logical foundation to stand upon (illogical ones? yes, but this can be exposed). Remember as soon as we deny our own freedoms and rights to others, we have no real claim to them ourselves. Our government is allegedly based on equality and freedom, a long list of specific rights, existing by the consent of the people, the majority? The primary purpose of justice is to protect the innocent and there are many ways to do this. But hate speech and machine guns for all do not seem to be compatible to this end.

  2. Boazwife on said:

    If you know this man is dealing with the Ku Klux Klan why print whatever he said why just ignore him just ignore the fool that’s all just ignore him don’t publish anything he have to say.

  3. You have to love this article and its race war promotion. Great job taking things out of context to try and prove your point. Even like the little side note to try and prevent race trolls. Ted doesn’t care what race you are he hates the victim culture that sadly dominates the black population right now. Victim and thug culture is destroying our nations black population.

    • Susan Moore on said:

      Again, Jiggy would like the readers to believe that he is of color and share in our experiences. But, fortunately, we know he is not. He is a coward that will only say such things behind a computer, behind closed doors, in this mother’s basement…where he lives. No friends and/or no one to care. I’ll pray for you. It’s so obvious.

  4. Who is Ted Nugent? He’s nobody and he should be jailed for his racist remarks against our Commander and chief President Barack Obama. No respect at all. He looks like the chimp. He’s nobody

    • Boazwife on said:

      I agree, put his ass in jail – there should be a law for hate racist remarks about the President, ppl, please keep the prayers covering the President.

  5. All I want is for the Secret Service, FBI, etc., to keep a very close eye on this nut and any others who think and act like him. Just need to make sure they never get anywhere near the First Family or AJ Holder and others.

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