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Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina will start receiving portions of her $20 million inheritance from her mother and family members of the late singer are worried.

Bobbi Kristina will receive 10 percent of her mother’s $20 million estate ($2 million) when she turns 21 on March 4, another 6 percent when she turns 25 and the remainder of Whitney’s estate on her 30th birthday.

The National Enquirer reports that Whitney’s family are afraid that Bobbi Kristina’s new husband, her “adoptive” brother Nick Gordon, rushed her to jump the broom in order to get a piece of her pending fortune. To make matters worse, sources claim that Bobbi Kris did not have a pre-nup drawn when she married Gordon.

“The entire family is devastated over this marriage,” a source close to the Houston family said. “Krissi’s relationship with Nick was never romantic until after Whitney died. The family feels that if Whitney had adopted Nick and left him an inheritance, he never would have pursued Krissi.”

Although Whitney took Nick in as a 12-year-old and acted as his guardian, the singer never formally adopted him. As a result, sources believe this is the reason behind the current situation.

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5 thoughts on “Did Nick Gordon Marry Bobbi Kristina for Upcoming Inheritance?

  1. MichelleB on said:

    The only thing I don’t like is that she did not have a pre-nup! I am sure that Whitney planned for her only childs future. I just hope she don’t get screwed out of what her Mother provided for her.

  2. She can give up ALL the money to her step brother just leave Cissy Houston alone! It is sicken to continue hearing about this uneducated helfer!

  3. Mac Ben on said:

    What inheritance? Whitney was broke, and Bobby IS broke! A few funky thousand dollars is nothing. Bobbi K needs to get a damn job!!!!!

  4. ophelia on said:

    Don’t know if he married her for her inheritance, but one thing for sure little Christina has to learn from her mistakes, the same as the rest of us. If Nick helps her to blow it all, and move on.
    Oh well, hopefully she learns from her life’s experiences.

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