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01/16/14- Tom and the crew open the show talking about “Ride Along”, Japan’s acquisition of Jim Beam, and Arian Foster attempting to force a woman to have an abortion.

2 thoughts on “What is Sybil Wilkes Opinion on Child Support??- TOP OF THE MORNING

  1. Shari Curry on said:


    He is married and has children. Why jepordize that by stepping out? He is lucky all he has to deal with is an unplanned pregnancy. It could have been HIV, Herpes, HPV or all three! After the fact he now want to DEMAND no responsiblity! He is a grown a@@ man with children. If you don’t want more children get a vasectomy, abstain, use reliable protection or hears a thought ONLY HAVE SEX WITH YOUR WIFE! The young woman is exercising her legal right and protecting the paternal right of her child! Is his actions any different than the NFL player who had his baby mamma shot to stop her from going through with the pregnancy which left this child without a mother, knowledge of a father who cause not only his mother’s death, but his own disablity as well?


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