Days after publicly apologizing for comments made about Mitt Romney’s adopted grandson Kieran, Melissa Harris-Perry is on the receiving end of daggers thrown by Ann Coulter, who referred to the MSNBC talk show host as the network’s “token” African-American.

Coulter and Sean Hannity had their say on Harris-Perry and her apology earlier this week on Fox News.

“It’s particularly good having Melissa Harris-Perry of all people making fun of a black child in the Romney family as a token,” Coulter told Hannity. “What does she think she is at MSNBC?”

Harris-Perry has been at the center of recent criticism after for joking about Kieran being the only black person in a photo of the Romney family. She later apologized for her comments on-air, tearing up, and in a statement online.

Hannity followed Coulter’s lead with his own criticism of Harris-Perry.

“Why would you say that?” Hannity asked Coulter while disagreeing with her and adding that there are “plenty” of black Americans, including Al Sharpton, at MSNBC.

Hannity continued voicing his criticism as he took aim at MSNBC while watching a montage of the channel’s hosts with Coulter. In his eyes, the montage allegedly showed MSNBC’s “obsession” with playing the race card.

13 thoughts on “Ann Coulter Labels Melissa Harris-Perry As MSNBC’s ‘Token’ African-American

  1. “I said it”, those who lose the argument typically resort to name calling as you did. You are a stupid fool. I did not call you a fool. I said, correctly that your stance/argument is foolish. And I’m correct. I called you a stupid fool just now because you have demonstrated that to be accurate.

    With respect to the “one-drop” rule. I mentioned it because your argument appears to be analogous/similar/the same as that racist canard.

  2. “I said it”, you are a stupid fool. You got to start calling names. Calling names is often the immediate refuge of those who are out-gunned intellectually. You have been out-gunned intellectually and by way of argument. You are a stupid fool. I did not call you names. I said that your arguments/logic are foolish. I didn’t call you a fool until this note.

    Who mentioned the racist “one-drop” rule, I did. And you did by implication or analogy. That is, what you propose appears to be either the racist “one-drop” rule or a close relative to it.

    • Shut your childish racist mouth! on said:

      In the United States, the terms mulatto, colored, Negro, black, and African American all came to mean people with any known black African ancestry. Mulattoes are racially mixed, to whatever degree, while the terms black, Negro, African American, and colored include both mulattoes and unmixed blacks.
      Harvard University historian Henry Louis Gates, Jr. wrote in 2009, “African Americans … are a racially mixed or mulatto people—deeply and overwhelmingly so.” After the Emancipation Proclamation, Chinese American men married African-American women in high proportions to their total marriage numbers. African slaves and their descendants have also had a history of cultural exchange and intermarriage with Native Americans although they did not necessarily retain social, cultural or linguistic ties to Native peoples. There are also increasing intermarriages and offspring between non-Hispanic blacks and Hispanics of any race, especially between Puerto Ricans and African Americans.
      Although racially mixed, most blacks in the United States are physically distinguishable from whites, but they are also an ethnic group because of the distinctive culture they have developed within the general American framework.
      My point in my first post is that we are indeed a racially mixed group of people and if we start discarded people out of the race we most likely wouldn’t have one. We would lose Booker T. Washington, W.E.B. Dubois, Malcolm Little, etc. America is not a continent to visit if you are looking for a pure race.
      You used appeal to probability in your first post by saying that at some point the multi-raced individual will not have allegiance.
      You should be aware of little jabs. You said I am brainwashed, implied that I didn’t have a “wit of sense”, am oppressed, and foolish and thought you weren’t being offensive. We shouldn’t say things about others that may be misinterpreted as a stab against them. Guard your online tongue. I see this as a passive-aggressive tactic. We feel safe evoking insults or cuts to another person online that we would never say to their face. Now you are in your feelings and have responded three times to one comment.

      • “Shut your childish racist mouth!” is apparently the same person as “I said it”. I stand by my earlier comments. White people in the USA are racially mixed and are on average 7% black. The “one-drop” theory is racist and says that black/African blood heritage is a pollutant. Being 88.5% black and 12.5% other is different than being 50% black and being 50% other or being 37.5% black and 62.5% other, etc. Being black is the same as being African. African Americans are an African people. I oppose racism in all of its forms and permutations and I don’t adopt the slave-masters way of thinking.

      • I said it. on said:

        One in the same.

        You must be a math genius and have a lot of free time to calculate who is black and who isn’t. More power to you. I am sure Ann is getting her money. This conversation is taking away from time that can be used to get mine. Beblessed.

  3. sammy750 on said:

    Melissa has accomplished more in a week, then Ann has in her life time. Ann seems to speak for all the crooks in her party. Ann spent some time and weed out the felons, rapist and briber in the Republican party

  4. sammy750 on said:

    wow, a conservative HO speaking out. Maybe Coulter needs to give the Republicans a lesson on who to elect. Is it 14 time Felon Gov. R. Scott of FL, a VA governor who took bribes. an Idaho senator who is a 2 time rapist. Maybe Ann needs to focus on these choices of the Republicans. And now we have C. Christie of NJ. Ann maybe better advise the Conservatives that people don’t wants crooks as leaders.

  5. Ann Coulter is wrong again. She called Melissa Harris-Perry a token “African American” but that is not so because Melissa Harris-Perry is not an African American. She’s mixed, mulatto or biracial She’s half African-American and half white. She’s not African American.

    • I said it. on said:

      Says who? You? Who does she identify with? Are you 100% African, born in America? How many people are? Blacks need to stop telling other Blacks what qualifies them to be, or not be Black. It’s old and does nothing to help progress, or bring the race together.

      • “I said it”, Steven Biko said that the greatest weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed. In this context, we must see and understand that the “one-drop” theory is racist and is based upon the racist belief that black/African blood is a taint and that it taints other heritage/blood that is there. Therefore, since black/African blood is a taint (garbage), the “one-drop” theory states/dictates that blood/heritage that is mixed with it must be consigned wholly to the garbage (black/African) bin. “I said it”, you have adopted whole-hog the standard that was adopted by the white slave-master for the benefit of the white slave-master.

        And you have apparently taken as given that whites are “pure” inasmuch as you didn’t ask about whites being “100%” white or how many whites are “100%” white as you posed the similar question for blacks. The truth is that in the USA, on average whites are 7% black. (And see below about one that is 14% black.) And I suppose that makes the average white person black in your eyes. That’s foolish.

        You wrote about what she identifies with. That’s foolish as well. Race or ethnicity is not like a club that you can join. A person cannot choose his gender or sexual orientation. Your sexual orientation chooses you. Your gender chooses you. Your race or ethnicity chooses you. You either are or you are not. It’s not a club.

        “I said it”, perhaps your slogan should be “Want more oil, just add water.” That’s foolish. Any person with a wit of sense will tell you that at some point if you add water to oil, it becomes watery oil and later become oily water. And they will tell you that at some point it becomes unusable as oil and undrinkable as water. And similarly at some point of “dilution” such a “mixed” person “naturally” doesn’t have “allegiance” to blacks/Africans but is split in “allegiance”. And upon further “dilution” at some point, such a “mixed” person perceived him or herself as white. (For example, here’s a video of a white racist learning that he’s 14% black: I suppose by your “standard”—the racist “one-drop” one, he’s black.) Such a slogan is foolish and non-sense.

        I reject racism in all its forms and permutations so I reject the racist “one-drop” theory. Such persons are not black. They are mixed, mulatto, biracial, etc.—but not black. And they are humans. “I said it”, you have apparently been brainwashed well by the white-master’s teachers to the extent that you have adopted the racist “one-drop” theory. Congratulations on your brainwashing!

      • I said it. on said:

        You are indeed the fool. Who said anything about the one drop rule? Glad you got that off your chest, though.

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