Online dating in 2013 became more mainstream than ever, so with the start of the New Year analyzed over 16 million interactions between its users in 2013 and found some helpful tips on what women are looking for as we start 2014.

Here’s what they found:


1. Size Does Matter to Women—Even in Online Dating

It’s not surprising that women love tall men, however, found that with every inch a man’s height decreases, his chances of getting contacted by a woman online drop dramatically and vice versa. The ideal height for a man looking for love online is 6’2”, as they are 17% more likely to be contacted than a man with the average height of 5’8”.

2. Black Women Give The Most Love, Asian Women Get It

When men are reaching out to women online, Black women are the most responsive. In fact, Black women on are 34% more likely than any other race to respond to a man online, while Asian women are the least likely to respond. Ironically, Asian women are the most preferred by men online and are 61% more likely than any other race to receive a response from men.

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One thought on “Computer Love: Black Women Give More Than They Get + 5 Other Online Dating Facts

  1. I will agree to the fact that Black women will surely respond to every message that you sent to them because for some reasons, they are just being friendly to all users who interacts with them. On the opposite end, I perceived that Asian women are getting a little bit “choosy” to the classification of men they are looking for. Generally speaking, I still love Black women.

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