12/13/13- Roland Martin talks with Aisha Harris about Megyn Kelly’s comments that Santa and Jesus are white. Check out Harris’ article “Santa Claus Should Not Be a White Man Anymore” on Slate.

10 thoughts on “Should Santa Be Changed to a Penguin? Aisha Harris Says It’s Time to Make a Change

  1. Aisha, You have issues you need to deal with. You should have listened to your father. Sounds like he was the one who inherited the common sense in your family. He was right – fictional Santa can be whomever you want it to be. Instead of trying to ruin ALL kids idea of Santa, if you want Santa to be a penguin – change him in YOUR home, but don’t ask the rest of the country to change just for YOU. I think you intentionally wrote the article, just to stir the pot.

    • Ivan Cohen on said:

      My, my, didn’t realize you had taken a survey among kids to find out whether their idea of Santa will be crushed. All just because Aisha wrote an article. Eventually all kids do grow up, unfortunately they rather continue the myth like their parents did.

  2. Gee, Aisha, if you’re so intolerant that you can’t accept fact that Santa is white, that Saint Nicholas was white, that Jesus is white then that’s because you’re a racist. You resent & bitterly cling to an insane demand that you can only accept people with black skin. If you can’t live in a civilized country, if you can only accept an old 3rd world mindset, you’re free to leave.

    • Ivan Cohen on said:

      ” Santa is white, Saint Nicholas was white, Jesus is white…” Hmm, these individuals must have a yen for cold climates. What a hoot! The fact that Santa is white, you got a Polaroid photo to back the fact up with?

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