Nominees for the 56th Grammy Awards were announced on Friday and it’s no surprise that there are artists and fans who feel certain albums were overlooked. While most entertainers will probably keep their opinions to themselves, R&B singers K. Michelleand India.Arie made public statements criticizing their omission from Grammy contention this year.

“Wow major Grammy snub,” K. Michelle wrote on her Twitter page. Her debut album “Rebellious Soul” has spawned at least one legitimate hit in “V.S.O.P.” and my more fan favorites. But it was not considered in either Best New Artist or Best R&B album by The Grammys. “I guess a little black girl who truly speaks her mind was a little 2much huh? Gotta work harder next year.”

India.Arie also used Twitter to vent her frustration at not being recognized for her fifth studio album released in June, “Songversation.” Arie has won four Grammys in her career but set the record for the most nominations without a win in 2002 for her debut, “Acoustic Soul.”

“I’ve been getting lots of calls today. It’s true, For the FIrst time, i have not been Nominated for any of the Grammy Categories,”she wrote.  ”I am Disappointed, i can’t even lie, LOL! but i’m still processing this. and i KNOW FOR SURE! that I am on the CLEAR path of my destiny. And tho i dont understand this yet, i know it will all make sense. It ALWAYS does. and EVERY time, someone says, that they are inspired, or feel SEEN, or moved by my music, i am reminded of what REALLY matters.”

Find out who wins on Sunday, January 26th when the 56th Annual Grammy Awards air on CBS.

One thought on “K. Michelle And India Arie Say They Were ‘Snubbed’ By Grammys

  1. K, you got a good thing going. Just keep working hard and keep comments like this to yourself!! EVERY year someone that most people think should be nominated aren’t. It goes on every year. Get over it and stay on the grind!!

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