D.L. Hughley isn’t afraid to speak his mind, and one caller took exception to his support of Oprah Winfrey‘s comments suggesting that racism will subside as old racists die. Listen to this caller express her disdain for D.L.’s comments in the audio player, and read the full conversation in the transcript below.

M: Hey Cheryl, how are you?

F: Well, I was fine, the, uh … I’m a little disappointed in you.

M: Oh, don’t worry. There’s plenty of, the day’s young, I’ll disappoint a lot of people, but what are you disappointed about this time?

F: Well, you know, I liked you as a comedian, but you’re not being very funny the last couple of days.

M: Okay.

F: You know, yesterday you made comments agreeing with Oprah that racist people needed to die in order for racism to stop.

M: I believe that’s true.

F: Well, you know, I think you were being a little racist today yourself.

M: And eventually one day I’ll be out of here, but what is it, what did you think that I said that was particularly egregious to you?

F: Well, you were talking about them trying to propose a bill to castrate men that were raping girls younger than 12 and you were going on about this, and you said you did not trust our legal system because …

M: I do not.

F: … because it was a bunch of white men making the decisions.

M: I don’t know that I said that, I don’t know that I said that.

F: You don’t know that you said that? I heard it on the radio, I wasn’t hearing things.

M: I don’t – okay, let me be clear so we can understand what I am saying. I do not trust the judicial system. I think the judicial system …

F: Well, I don’t trust the judicial system either, black or white.

M: The annals of the judicial system …

F: You didn’t say you didn’t trust the judicial system, you said you didn’t trust the white men making decisions on this.

M: Then that would probably be accurate.

F: You said it’s a bunch of white men.

M: That would probably be accurate, because I’m telling you that most of the people who are the judges, the prosecutors, the police, what are they?

F: You don’t think there’s any black men in there?

M: No, I said, what are they primarily?

F: And you think you, you know, let me tell you, I am not racist. My best friend is sitting here right next to me and he is a black man.

M: There’s a white dude that turns me on right now. (laugh)

F: Can I finish? Are you going to let me finish?

M: Yes, yes, I am.

F: I voted for Obama, not just the first time around, but the second time around.

M: Right.

F: But it doesn’t make me racist because I don’t like what he’s doing. I didn’t like what Bush was doing and he was white. So because I don’t like the way Obama’s handling things and lying to the American public does not make me racist.

M: I didn’t say that it did make you racist, and me making an assessment of …

F: You are agreeing with Oprah …

M: I absolutely agree with Oprah.

F: … on her comments about that.

M: Let me ask you something, everything that’s wrong in this country, primarily, is done by powerful men who do not want the world to change. Who are they?

F: So they’re supposed to change to be like Obama and do to the American public …

M: No, no, no …

F: What I have to say is if all this money that Oprah has, and I don’t know what you have, I don’t care, I don’t think you have what Oprah has.

M: No, nobody has what Oprah has.

F: If all that money would make me as ignorant as it has Oprah, then I’m glad I’m the everyday person with the everyday …

M: But the everyday person needs to understand the rules that are in place. The people who are in place. The people who want to keep this company regressed. The people who want the small, who want a small, a small amount of people …

F: Do you think people today want what Obama is trying to do right now?

M: I think that we’re getting into apples and oranges. Here it is. I think that there are rich powerful people, I think that the judicial system is full of people with all their prejudice, and the people who occupy those positions are primarily older white men. That’s just the truth.

F: You know what? I think you need to go back to just being a comedian.

M: Okay, well …

F: Because I’ll tell you what, you know, I was glad when Michael Baisden left because he was another one who always wanted to talk about the racist white people, but yet he wouldn’t be on the radio for 30 seconds if he had brought up something racist between white people.

M: You know, I just want you to know something, I actually am Michael Baisden. I just changed my name.

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12 thoughts on “Is D.L. Hughley Guilty Of Making Racist Comments? [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

  1. Kilo Perkins on said:

    Oprah is wrong. True that some may not support Obama because he is Black. Also true that others support him just because he is black. Racism unfortunatley lives in us all. We are not perfect. But it is up to us to battle those feelings if we have them. It is up to us to make ourselfs into better people before we stand before God and have to explain why we did what we did.

  2. Not laughing. on said:

    You don’t have to be in power to be racist. A racist heart will present itself in many ways. Anyone can be racist. Nobody is excluded from this evil practice. If you see somethin that you think may be racist then reverse the race of the players. If it still seems racist then BINGO you found a racist. FOr instants. If a popular white person where to come out and say that people didn’t like Mitt Romney because he was white. How does that sound? Or if a white person where to say that the blacks in power in south africa are racist just because they are in power and want to have power over the whites their.
    Also I hate it when people say I am not a racist because I have a black friend. White people please stop doing that. If you are not a racist then just tell me that you are not a racist. I will judge you by how you act. Or a better way of saying it is. I will judge you by the content of your character, not the color of your skin.

    • Jermaine on said:

      Understand that this country was built on one race taking what belonged to another.That deed in itself is definitive of what racism is. This is a hegemonic SYSTEM of one race (Europeans)colonizing and dominating Blacks and Systematically forcing them to live a culture that is not their own. Tell me how a Black man or woman can exhibit power over his conqueror in a ‘SYSTEM’ {Racism/White Supremacy} that controls all areas of people activity or realize how foolish your statement is and get more understanding on the matter?

  3. Jermaine on said:

    Understanding that ‘Racism’ can only come from one race of people having Power over another obliterates any notion that Black people are racist. ‘Blacks’ have no Power,nor do they want any, over any ‘race’ of people. Can you think of a race that does? BINGO!!!

  4. Peeps we got to call it like we sees it…..Mr. Obama is not making the cut, he’ lied to millions of citizens, and continues to embarrass himself, and ultimately, us.

  5. bIG Rob on said:

    Some One has to tell it like it is, I’m just glad i’m not the only one who’s notice that no other president have been disrespected like this President. And no mater what the white people say about racism, if it looks like a dick and sounds like a duck, it’s a duck. It’s all because this man is black. Oprah is %100 right.

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