If you were trying to think of ideas to get back at an ex, 59-year-old Alan Markovitz of Detroit, might have a perfect idea for you.

Markovitz, a well-known strip club owner, bought a house next to his ex-wife and put up a giant middle-finger statue located right in the view from her bathroom. (See below)


But that’s not all he did! The scorned man also installed spotlights over the statue so it can be seen even in the wee hours of the night.

The statue cost almost $7,000.

Do you think he went too far?

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6 thoughts on “Man Buys Home Next To Ex-Wife And Puts Up Giant Middle Finger Statue (PHOTO)

  1. chandra H on said:

    If I was hurt, foolish and had money to do that I’d do it..(Idk, wouldn’t want to be that close to my ex)…..its funny and a waste….But a broken hurt has no boundaries…

  2. Now that is simply ridiculous and utterly petty. How hold is he 12?! Surely there was somewhere else he could have purchased a home, why next door to his ex-wife? For the kids?? Couldn’t have been for the kids. His Ex has to be extremely embarrassed by his immaturity, though his behavior confirms whatever iota of doubt she may have had about leaving that relationship…Sheesh!! Move on Sir and find better ways to invest 7K; I’m sure there are some needy families in the “D” this holiday season.

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