Part 1: Sybil Wilkes talks with author Brenda Jackson about her 100th Book Celebration.  “A Madaris Bride for Christmas” is available now.     Find out more by visiting

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2 thoughts on “Brenda Jackson’s 100th Book Celebration

  1. Brenda Jackson was able to donate $25,000 to Florida Memorial University.She is not only a great writer and little known black history fact, she is a phenomenal woman. I was able to attend her 100th book celebration weekend and had a great time. It is inspiring to see her still have a beautiful smile on her face when she is deal with her husband who was too sick to attend.Giving back for her and her family is that important.

  2. Sybil, you may not get this message but I’m gonna write it anyway. Your hair looks FABULOUS in this video. You look great!!! PLEASE keep your hair like this. Keep this look and you are going to get scooped up (if you haven’t already and we just don’t know it) QUICK!! I like this kinda swag on you, DON’T LOSE IT!!! I been concered about you for a while with this kinda thing. Glad to see you are up-ing your game. 🙂

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