Solange Pulled The “Knowles Card” In The 7th Grade

It’s clear that Solange never wanted to feed off of her sister’s fame, she wanted to shine on her own. But, even she can admit that being Beyonce’s sister has its perks! In an interview with Angie Martinez, Solange revealed that she used Destiny’s Child to shut down a bully!

“When I was in 7th or 8th grade, I used the card because there was this one kid who was so obnoxious and was constantly kinda bullying and doing the most . My mom came on a trip as a chaperone and called her the B-word. This kid was out of control. I wrote petitions to get this kid named Brandon out of school. So one day, and “No No No Part 2″ had just come out, I did say my sister is gonna come here and you’re going to be really surprised who she is. I kept telling my sister and Kelly [Rowland], ‘You gotta come check this kid.” Of course he wasn’t paying any attention to what I say. They pulled up and I would never forget the face Brandon made. They were coming to beat him up, he was sick. It was DESTINY’S CHILD coming to beat him up. I loved it so much.”

Solange also opened up about parenthood and if she disciples her son Juelz:

On parenting 9-year-old Julez and not being afraid to hand out a spanking


“I really limit what he can have access to.  He just got an iPad for Christmas.  That was Grandma’s gift.  Hell no, he doesn’t have a phone.  I feel like moving to New Orleans and putting him in school there was a good move in keeping in humble.  He’s around a lot of sweet, nice normal kids.  And also around kids who get disciplined.

If he gets completely out of line, I do the 3 steps.  1 is the look and talk.  2 is taking away something of value to him.  3, you need your butt popped.  You don’t have to do it often, like twice or three times a year.  And he remembers it.”

We’re starting to love this girl!

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