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Yesterday on “The D.L. Hughley Show”, Hughley responded to the moving story Bethany Arceneaux of Louisiana who was a kidnapping victim and was found by family.

Arceneaux was dropping her child off a daycare and was allegedly kidnapped by her child’s father, Scott Thomas. Arcenaux had allegedly filed multiple restraining orders against Thomas. Her family found out about it and they went looking for her.  Their search resulted in the family finding the suspect, with the woman, and they shot him. Bethany Arceneaux and her child are now safe.

D.L. Hughley stated early on in the show; “I always said that when I got any kind of platform I wouldn’t just tell dumb jokes.  I wouldn’t just try to be funny.  These are our children that are dying.  And what we’re doing right now isn’t working.” He continued “If we only accept that, if that is the way that it’s going to be and we do nothing to change it, I say it’s cowardly.”

D.L. posed the question to his listening audience: “Do you think that these incidences of abuse, do you think things would happen, so many things would befall our women if they, if people knew the men that mess with them, that there was hell to pay, that they have family looking out for them?” He took calls on the matter for the rest of the show.  The cousin and neighbor of Scott Thomas called into the show and gave their exclusive commentary.

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Part III:

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11 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Cousin of Louisiana Kidnapper, Scott Thomas, Calls the D.L. Hughley Show

  1. The aunt was going to say all positive things about her nephew. That was her right but, what she fail to talk about was the restraining order against him. The judge saw something in him an place that order of protection against him. The boy had to be physically abusive. Please give me a break. His family knew he was abusive!!!

  2. I’m not sure what the male cousin was trying to say but it sounded like he thought her family was wrong for handling the situation they way they did. Seems he was missing the point that his cousin started something that her family chose to finish. He went down a road he couldn’t come back from. My thoughts are that this wasn’t the first time (domestic violence issues rarely come to light the first time they happen.) there had been an issue. One thing is for sure. He can NEVER hurt her again and I suspect that’s what her family was making sure of. Not saying who’s right or wrong but people need to remember that if you are angry enough to beat, stab and threaten a person’s life, someone may be angry enough to kill you…

  3. We as a black race of people are so far off base. Kidnapping. Murder harming one another. Shooting our black babies. Whoever started stop snitching need life in penitentiary. The black race need JESUS and FATHER GOD in our everyday life. Stat by reading the HOLY Bible Genesis 1:

    • Stop waiting one JESUS, GOD, Allah, Zeus or what ever you religion is your thing. The black community has major issues. Young men graduating at less the 50% in some states. Black men killing each other at alarming rates. Black woman having babies out of wedlock with sorry no account men. We have a great legacy and we are failing our ancestors. They struggled and at times gave their lifes for us to have better. And what have we down with it? Yes, there is facism and discrimination but you don’t let those things stop you for succeeding, they are jobs bumps in the road. I’m sad to say that as a culture and people we are heading towards failure. And you can pray to whom ever you desire. But the change has to come from us. I’m ashamed every time I see a young black man showing is underwear. And when I see young black woman that have no respect for their bodies. Our ancestors are rolling in their graves with disgust with us!!!!

    • Bluerunts on said:

      @Jiggy5, Ive seen your name on this board alot making quite a few comments, yo you always got some slick shit to say and its always negative. Calm your ass down, life is to short for all that negativity 🙂

      • Dolomite on said:

        Right the smooth on noneck. I’m a former Vice-President of a bank, displaces due to mergers. But there are two things I’ve learned. With all the people I’ve helped we are the ONLY group that will NOT work together with one another. And we lost ALL since of our purpose and who we are when we integrated. I built, manage and own a neighborhood convenience store you would be shock to realize all of the young people who even count money. We MUST take our children back from this world. One of the key ways is through ECONOMICs. We MUST show our children, community and the powers that be that we can take care of our own.

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