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Julius “Dr. J” Erving says he didn’t mean any harm in writing his new autobiography. The NBA living legend known as much for his towering Afro as his towering talent, says his new book “Dr. J: The Autobiography” was an attempt to tell the truth without glossing over the facts of his life. Revelations included in the book are a tumultuous relationship with his longtime wife, Turquoise Erving, the death of their son, Cory, and some truly no-holds-barred information about the birth of his out of wedlock daughter, tennis player Alexandra Stevenson.

He says that she was conceived only because her mother, then freelance writer Samantha Stevenson had gotten orthodontia and couldn’t perform oral sex, so they had intercourse instead. Stevenson and her mother have remained quiet on this cringe-worthy admission, but Erving says his idea was to tell the truth and nothing but the truth in the story of his life.

“How could I write an autobiography and leave out things that are fact-based, things that really happened? If you’re going to write an autobiography, your life’s gotta be an open book, then I think you gotta be candid. I think I’d have less respect coming my way if I didn’t write the facts. If it was completely ignored, like it never happened then that would be a bigger problem than dealing with potential hurt feelings or someone disagreeing with what my recollection was.”

Erving, who reconnected with his daughter as an adult after years of financial support in exchange for keeping the secret that he had fathered a child outside his marriage, says that he didn’t necessarily consider who would be hurt by his revelations. He says he hasn’t talked to his daughter, but has talked to her mother since the book was released a week ago. Erving, now remarried and living in Atlanta, says that after many of the books written about him by others, he wanted to set the record straight on his own.

“I don’t think that there was any doubt that everything needed to be included for an honest biography.  And I can’t not write a book because I’m going to hurt anybody. My commitment is to the project. I’ve been hurt by people and I’ve hurt people and when you read cover to cover, you see. Who has had a lifetime where people haven’t been hurt?”

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17 thoughts on “Dr. J: ‘I Just Wanted to Tell The Whole Truth’

  1. I’ve known Doc since the time he played with the 76ers. He has always been a class act. He was never disrespectful or uncaring. You have to know the human being and the whole story. Doc took a lot of abuse that the public at large knows nothing about. I will always consider him a friend.

  2. Well, I don’t understand what the fuss is all about. If you are going to be honest you have to tell the truth. He admitted that if the child’s would not have had some dental work done at the time of their encounter…”they would have had oral sex and instead of vaginal sex.” What is the big deal? The child would not have been conceived, at least not that time in particular. I don’t see why his daughters’ feeling should be hurt because that is something that happen between her mother and father. I admire him for being honest. Why should he lie about his feelings? The truth is not always pretty and who are we to judge?

  3. All has been said, but still I must add my own sentiment. I had held this man in such high esteem up unitl this article, especially a few years ago when the daughter was ‘discovered’ and the woman did not have a word to say. Speaking from myself who bore children from an extramarital affair, there need to be “honor among theives.” This is the justification that he is now using for the affair. The child has suffered enough. This was way out of line and I bet we will never hear about how many dinners he has eaten at “small restaurants”. This book will not be flying off shelves, in case Dr. J thought he could appease black women because the sister was white – again, ‘honor among thieves’ – we women, blakc and white, will reject this piece of trash.

  4. What a total jerk! I don’t understand how any of his kids can respect him, because it seems he may throw any of their moms under the bus to make a buck. He should be the Bama of the Week! Totally selfish, maybe his women have some “truth” they want to share about him, now that’s the book I’d buy.

    • I totally agree with you Debbi..why publicly disgrace yourself especially if you have been highly esteemed as a great achiever in life.

  5. What an arrogant so and so, I heard him on the Tom Joyner Morning Show this morning talking about his autobiography and men say women give to much information. Tom, Sybil, nor Jay would repeat what he had revealed in the book regarding his daughter’s conception. You could not give me a copy of this filth. I have lost all respect for this self centered old fool, what a disgrace he is to himself, his family, and his current wife.

  6. msyellarose on said:

    If writing is cathartic for him, he should have simply kept a journal. Why was it necessary to air all his dirty laundry in public?

  7. Dr J – Being honest and truthful meant admitting that you had sex with another woman outside of your marriage and your daughter was a result of that truth. Nothing more had to be said – put yourself in your daughter’s place (an innocent consequence of your decision) and just imagine the hurt, the embarrassment and the total disrespect for her mother. Trying to justify the pregnancy this way is low, low, low – both of you knew how babies were conceived so you should have used protection. Enough said on this subject!!!!

  8. BlackBeauty on said:

    Sometimes telling the “truth” hurts others.
    I am sure his daughter feels hurt, disrespect and used in this case.
    Sorry, but the fact of how she was conceived did nothing for him in my opinion, and did not have to be mentioned.
    What good did it do?

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