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It looks like DMX is up the financial creek without a paddle.

In New York, a federal judge has thrown out the troubled rapper’s bankruptcy case, making him a target for creditors.

On Friday, The Journal News reported that a bankruptcy judge in White Plains dismissed the 42-year-old rapper’s July 29 Chapter 11 filing.

Unfortunately for DMX (real name, Earl Simmons) hat means he could lose his possessions including his share in a home in suburban Mount Kisko.

Now he’s going have to figure out how to deal with his biggest debt: $1.3 million in child support owed to some of his 10 children.

And why was his bankruptcy case dismissed? According to U.S. Trustee Tracy Hope Davis, Simmons didn’t provide “trustworthy information” in his filing.

Here’s what DMX/Simmons’ spokesperson Domenick Nati told EUR about the situation:

“Despite this recent obstacle, the team will continue to move forward with DMX’s national performances and we are still working relentlessly at obtaining his passport for his fan overseas.”

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2 thoughts on “DMX’s Bankruptcy Filing Tossed by Federal Judge

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