Patti LaBelle gives zero f**ks, hunty! And we liveeee for it. The 69-year-old living legend revisited the Apollo stage where up-and-comers have either been catapulted into stardom or forever broken by boos to chat with Oprah about her triumphant 50-year reign as the “Godmother Of Soul.” Centered in the heart of the Harlem, NYC aunt Pattie made herself an open book for Oprah to read on the upcoming installment of “Oprah’s Next Chapter.” One would think, from Patti’s many neck rolls and side eyes that she and Oprah were longtime enemies however, if you are aware of Patti’s epic diva behavior, this 5-minute clip filled with lines like “Girl, who you talking to?” is not surprising.

Patti went through an array of emotions perched beside O, who eagerly braved the shade of a million palm trees. Patti, eyebrows arched to the Gawds, slingbacks waving in the wind, responded to Oprah’s questions in uber snarky fashion (more like a how dare you b**ch). At one point, she paused to moisturize her tonsils, interrupting O by saying, “Can I have a swig of water?”

We revel in LaBelle’s glory. Check out our five favorite responses from Patti (equipped with the faces Oprah wanted to make!):

5. In response to Oprah questioning if Patti was ever boo’d at the Apollo: “What. Girl, who you talking to?”


4.When Patti said this: “I don’t do the phone cause I don’t want no germs baby. I’m not speaking on your instrument.”


3. When she took it back to “In Living Color” and said: “Homie don’t play that” oprah-named-forbes-most-influential-celebrity-20131

2. When Patti’s vocal cords needed lubrication: “Can I have a swig of water?”

oprah gif

1. When Patti admitted that she likes to walk in the swimming pool: “I don’t even have a bathing suit”


Bring on the full episode! We can’t wait!

patti gif


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