What’s done in the dark has a way of finding its way into the light. Some time last year supermodel Tyra Banks went on a secret date with Canadian rapper Drake. The pair dressed in disguises and went to Disneyland. While rumors and speculation circulated on the internet, neither f them really commented about it. That is until Drake went on “Ellen” to promote his album “Nothing Was The Same” last month.

When Drake made his “Ellen” appearance, the talk show host quizzed him on a few women he’s been romantically linked to and that’s when he admitted that he and Tyra Banks went on the Disneyland outing. Well, Tyra clapped back at the Toronto rapper during her appearance on “The Steve Harvey Show.”

Tyra attempted to freestyle about Drake and it was awful. Sure, she was only joking or tried to look like she was joking, but this was seriously bad. Tyra spit, “Drake rhymes with snake, but he’s not. More like a lion.”

Uhh, Tyra, don’t quit your 37 day jobs please. Did you not learn anything from your musical collaboration with Kobe Bryant?

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