Welp anyone who watched the TLC biopic (which was a story about the rise of the girl group TLC as told by TLC group members T-Boz and Chilli) will not be shocked to hear what AllHipHop.com is reporting today about the fallout from the movie. It seems that Miss Pebbles is beyond upset about the movie and how she was portrayed. Actually she was outraged prior to the movie even dropping and discussed her anger before the movie ever even aired.

Pebbles took to her Twitter page to talk about her outrage saying;

AllHipHop.com is hearing that Pebbs has lawyered up over everything that has gone on the last few weeks so we’re sure we are going to hear more about this.

But it’s not just Pebbles that is feeling a way about how the story was told. Allegedly Crystal Selene Jones the original “C” in TLC is speaking up too. She is said to have a book about to be released documenting her own experiences in the group before she was kicked out and replaced with “Chilli”. Jones who is said to have been let go from TLC for not signing the contract that eventually bankrupted the group apparently still has an axe to grind so we doubt the book will cast a friendly light on T-Boz or Left Eye.

We obviously don’t know how things will turn out with these two ladies and their endeavors to be vindicated but in the court of public opinion most people’s minds will probably not be changed. We wonder if it will be worth it to try to come for T-Boz and Chilli at this point. In fact it could backfire and make them look worse. Guess we’ll all just have to wait and see.


3 thoughts on “TLC Movie Fallout: Pebbles And Crystal Selene Jones Are Reportedly Upset

  1. WHY is crystal a the former member upset with TLC, Pebbles was the one who KICKED her but out of the group before she got started, so what is she talking about,, and the REASON why pebbles is upset is because they are telling the TRUTH about her Azz anyway, because if you are that upset, than something did go wrong!!, Now if pebbles was this suppose to be Mama, and confident for them, WHY is she so mad and pissed off,

    why is she commenting on this movie. If she was this suppose to be wonderful Promoter and gifted producer, why did she not take care of those girls like she said she would,, so if she is upset, about how she was portrayed ,, THen it must be something that you did!!, NO body likes to come to knowledge of the truth, THAT IS IN THE BIBLE PEBBLES…I tell ya that LA, REID and Pebbles, are all about that MIGHTY DOLLAR. That is the bottom line..

  2. Buttons on said:

    Pebbles know good and well that she (and LA Reid) ripped off TLC, so she needs to stop with her antics. TLC was young and inexperienced about the music industry and instead of using her expertise to fairly advise them, she took advantage of them. If Pebbles is now a Christian and a minister, then she should woman-up and accept responsibility for what she did to them. No one is fooled by her “slander” accusations and her “lawyer” scare tactics.

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