Fight! Kenya Vs. Little Tami/The New Suzie


PicMonkey Collage

Kenya invited all of the girls to her hotel room to discuss the performance. Tami attempted to offer Kenya advice on her performance and said she sounded tired while singing and dancing. Kenya wasn’t trying to hear all that! After all, she thought she was the next best thing to Beyonce and dismissed Tami’s comments altogether. She moved on to more important matters: the purpose of the song. Suzie told Kenya that she thought the song was about all of them and Kenya asked Suzie, “do you want it to be about you?”

That question must have set Suzie off, because she instantly got mad and told Suzie that she didn’t give a f— about her.  One thing led to another and the next thing we all knew, Suzie lunged at Kenya and the two were fighting! Suzie tried her best to take Kenya down but it took all of the girls’ to pull Kenya off of Suzie. It was so much commotion going on that I couldn’t really tell who won the fight but according to Tami, Suzie got her a** beat!

After they finally broke the fight up, they all left Kenya’s hotel room without saying bye to Kenya, which was probably best considering she was just lurking in the corner with a smile on her face! And that, ladies and gentlemen, concludes season 5 of “Basketball Wives”.

Was Kenya’s song really about Suzie? Did Suzie really get beat up? Will Suzie ever stop being “little Tami” and just be regular Suzie?

I guess we’ll get all of our questions answered on the reunion show!


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