Tasha’s Stalker


After having a great time in London, the girls returned to Los Angeles to go back to their normal lives, sort of. As crazy as it sounds, Tasha was being stalked by a asinine woman named Monet. Tasha and the girls decided to meet up with Monet and confront her to figure out why she was following their every move. Personally, if I had a stalker I would do my best to stay as far away from her as possible, not meeting up with her to break bread and sip tea. But to each his (or in this case her) own.

Tasha accused Monet of trying to be her, stealing her friends and following her moves. Monet clapped back and accused Tasha of doing the same thing to her. Finally, Tami jumped into the conversation and flat out asked Monet if she was stalking Tasha. Monet told the girls that she’s very close to Stephon and his family and that Tasha isn’t, even though she had been with him for 17 years. Shaunie told Monet she did look crazy to everyone in the room but Monet didn’t care and she was fine with it! Finally, Monet got up from the table, clapped her hands and yelled a loud, “Hallelujah!” and exited stage left. Tasha’s response, “Goodbye, Monet. Poof! Be gone!”

Wait, what just happened here?

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