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After being brave enough to both come out of the closet and take a stand against the Russian government’s anti-gay laws, actor Wentworth Miller is now opening up about another dark secret.

Miller admits that before coming out as gay, he attempted to commit suicide several times.

“The first time I tried to kill myself I was 15. I waited until my family went away for the family vacation and I was alone in the house and I swallowed a bottle of pills,” he revealed to a large audience at the Human Rights Campaign dinner in Seattle last week. “I don’t remember what happened over the next couple of days but I’m pretty sure come Monday morning I was on the bus back to school pretending everything was fine.

“Growing up I was a target,” he continued. “Speaking the right way, standing the right way, holding your wrist the right way. Every day was a test and there was a thousand ways to fail,” he said. “A thousand ways to portray yourself to not live up to someone else’s standards of what was accepted.”

The  actor also admitted that it made him nervous to come out early in his career.

“I had multiple opportunities to speak my truth, which is that I was gay, but I chose not to. I was out privately to family and friends — publicly, I was not.” He continued: “I chose to lie — when I thought about the possibility of coming out, how that might impact me and the career I worked so hard for, I was filled with fear.”

Now Miller joins the increasing number of celebrities who are embracing and discussing their sexuality as well the struggle to come out. Raven-Symonè and NBA player Jason Collins are just two notable stars to come out in recent months.

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5 thoughts on “Wentworth Miller Says He Attempted Suicide Before Coming Out

  1. I disagree with most of the comments. I KNOW he is being a good role model for everyone, including young people. don’t you want your children to grow up in a place where it is okay to be who you are and that it is okay to be different than other people. Love is love. You can’t help who you are attracted to or who you love. And Aaron, go to another website to find the articles that better suit what you would consider news worthy. Maybe we should ddiscuss why the need for farms and factories for Black Americans? Does that make any sense? EVERYONE could use jobs…why would white people not have that same opportunity. Its EQUAL rights. don’t act like this world is as segregated as it use to be….it is not.

  2. Daniel Asamota on said:

    He should have stayed in the closet. He’s not being a good role model for our young people and this is not the sort of lifestyle African Americans should be embracing. Our culture, our values, our needs, what’s important to us is so different than to be jumpiing on the bandwagon of what’s important to others. Gays have been amongst us for years and no special focus was put on them. Our issues are far more important than bothering with some fool who wants to sleep with the same sex. We have more important things to focus on!

  3. October 20th is fast approaching and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan will be announcing plans for a United Black treasury on this day to buy farms, build factories and make jobs for Black Americans. Yet still no mention from a website that even takes the time to report tabloid gossip. I am starting to wonder if Tom Joyner is not allowed to report this major event in history. Could it be that he is bought and paid for like Tavis Smiley suggested?

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