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This past August, the Vickie and Maurice McBride both received their PhDs from Capella University. Dr. Vickie McBride graduated with her PhD in K-12 Education and Dr. Maurice McBride in Organizational Management. When she was 13, Vickie got pregnant with Maurice. Vickie managed to continue her education, all the way through college and graduate school, with her mother’s support. VIckie raised Maurice and her three other kids while navigating through her own life. “I had to figure out how to work and how to parent and how to manage school all at the same time.” Vickie said.

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But it wasn’t smooth sailing just because Vickie made it through school. During his teenage years, Maurice started hanging around the wrong crowds and ended up dropping out of school. Maurice said, “I picked up the bible and I started reading and I was like it all makes sense. I see how it actually comes to fruition. I see how I ended up here.”

After getting his life back into his own hands, Maurice earned his GED, pursued a music career, obtained a record deal with Capital Records and continued his education online. Maurice eventually left the music industry, but went back to school and became a professor at Paine College. “He wanted more, so he called his mom up and said,”Hey I think I’m gonna get my PhD. You wanna do this with me?”

“This is who she really is despite what she’s been through,” said Maurice. “This is how I’ve always seen her and now I’m like ‘hey look this is her’ with the cape and the supermommy uniform.”

You can do anything once you make up your mind that that is what you want to do. Set a goal and go for it,” Vickie proudly proclaims.

The McBrides are both educators, Vickie teaches middle school and college in Virginia and Maurice is a professor of business at Paine College. Maurice wants to go off to law school, but Vickie’s going to let him do this one alone.

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