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Looks like Lamar Odom‘s daddy, Joe Odom, is backing off of his anti-Kardashian comments.

And now that Lamar has put him in check, Ol’ Joe is also coming out for his son telling TMZ that he believes the baller is “clean” and does NOT have a drug problem.

Joe Odom says he simply doesn’t buy the story TMZ broke … that Lamar is deep in the world of drug abuse and specifically crack.

A regretful Joe says he’s sorry he lashed out at the Kardashians, reportedly saying Lamar would be better off without them.  Joe says he believes the Kardashians are a “wonderful family,” even though he reportedly had said “They don’t give a f**k about my son.”

Joe Odom says what set him off was a segment on “The Wendy Williams Show” in which someone trashed him as a heroin addict.  He says he’s been clean for 30 years and adds, “Nobody’s perfect.”