Nene & Gregg’s Son, Damien, Face Off!

As if the bridesmaids lunch wasn’t enough drama for one episode, Nene, Gregg, Gregg’s five children and Dr. Jeff decided to have a therapy session where Gregg’s children could lay all of their issues with their father and Nene on the table and the family could try to come back together. The discussion started off great, with the children explaining their side of the story and everyone listening attentively and offering suggestions on how to make the relationship better. The children all agreed that they didn’t blame Nene for their parents break up and believed all along that Nene really had nothing to do with the ending of their parents’ marriage – something Nene always worried about.  But, things suddenly took a turn for the worse when Gregg’s oldest son, Damien, took on the leadership role for his siblings and began to explain a previous incident that occurred with a local Atlanta radio show. Damien admitted that he was wrong when he went on the radio and called his step-mother selfish among other hurtful things and offered his apology to Nene and Gregg for his statements. Nene admitted that hearing about Damien’s interview hurt her and Gregg very much but accepted his apology with open arms. Damien then went on to admit that the interview wasn’t about Nene at all but was rather a cry out to his father for help. Apparently, Damien’s ‘cry for help’ worked because Gregg and Damien both explained how they were able to reconcile after the interview aired and were able to fix their relationship.

When Nene heard about Damien and Gregg’s reconciliation, she felt a little left out. She had no idea that the two had fixed their issues and stated that she always felt excluded from everything. At that moment, all hell broke loose. Damien began raising his voice to Nene telling him that she married INTO their family and should have more respect for their bloodline, after all, they were Leakes before she was. Nene wasn’t phased by Damien’s harsh words because she believed that when she took on the Leakes name, she made it better! Things got even more heated which lead to Damien walking out of the therapy session with nothing resolved! It looked like Gregg had his work cut out for him on this one!

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