The Bridesmaids From Hell

Nene met up with a couple of her bridesmaids, Marlo Hampton, Cynthia Bailey and her oldest and closest friend Dianna. Things started off well and in fact it looked like the wedding party would actually be a lot of fun, until Nene told the ladies who else was apart of her wedding party which included Jennifer Williams and Laura Govan. Dianna felt that since she was friends with Nene when she literally “started from the bottom” that her opinion mattered more than anyone else’s and made it clear to Nene that she didn’t choose her wedding party wisely. In fact, she pointed out that many of Nene’s “new friends” were opportunists and were only there because of the things that Nene had. Her main target was Marlo Hampton who had only known Nene for about two years, right when Nene started to become “very rich”. Dianna expressed her distaste for Marlo, calling her an opportunist who was using Nene to get to where she needed to be. Of course the outspoken Marlo clapped back and by calling Dianna an opportunist and a gold digger for marrying a rich man. The ladies bickered back and forth for a while before Nene finally stepped in and ended the conversation before it escalated any further. We’re still unsure why Dianna felt it was her business to express her displeasure with Nene’s choice in bridesmaids but I guess since she considered herself Nene’s closest friend, she felt like her opinion mattered. I digress..

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