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Comedian Chris Paul gives his hilarious take on the day’s hottest topics.

Oprah Winfrey says that early this year she suffered the symptoms of a nervous breakdown.  And just so you know only rich people could have a nervous breakdown.  Middle class people suffer mental fatigue and broke people go crazy.

Internet star Antoine Dodson says he’s getting a lot of negative backlash since announcing that he got a woman pregnant.  People just aren’t convinced that openly gay Antoine now likes the ladies.  Well, I believe that Antoine did get a woman pregnant, but he probably used a straw.

In California the release of the new iPhone led to fistfights in front of the Apple store.  Ain’t nothing worse than a geek fight.  Meanwhile some folks who tried to download the new iPhone update were still having problems.  This led to a whole lot of angry iPhone users going to the mall this weekend and singing ‘Mr. Apple Store Man, there’s something wrong with my 5 when I try to load the update I get an error every time.’