A Michigan mother is upset she wasn’t notified by her son’s school after he came home with multiple stab wounds he sustained while in class at Douglas Elementary in Garden City on Monday, Channel 7 Action News in Detroit reports.

Joy Renee Pratt says her 8-year-old son, Jordan Robinson, was stabbed with a pencil 27 times by a special needs classmate while the two were horse-playing around. Garden City Public Schools Assistant Superintendent Gary Murrell said there is no indication that the student intended to hurt Jordon.

While Pratt was upset about her son being stabbed, she was angered most about the fact that no one from the school called to tell her what had happened.

“They should have to call you,” said Pratt. “If something happens to your child, in their care, they should have to call you!”

Murrell agreed. “One of the parents was not immediately notified,” admitted Murrell in a phone interview with Action News. “That is not our procedure, and we are dealing with that incident separately.”

He did not explain how the staff members involved in the incident would be disciplined, saying it was a human resources issue.

Meanwhile, Jordan’s mother has been left feeling mistreated by the school system.

“I just feel so violated and disrespected that no one bothered to call me,” Pratt said. “Like my son, it didn’t matter what happened to him.”

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3 thoughts on “Mom Pissed Son’s School Didn’t Call After Boy Suffered 27 Pencil Stab Wounds

  1. Ruth O'hara on said:

    This isn’t just ‘horse-play’ it’s BULLYING! Most schools have special rules in place for violence of any sort within the school,designed to protect the victim, and IMMEDIATELY notify their parents. Logically all parties should meet together with school counselors and outside professionals to make sure the perpetrator and the victim knows that, even if it started as ‘horse-play’, once it turned into stabbing or in anyway got out of control and one person refused to stop; THAT BEHAVIOR IS UNACCEPTABLE AND ILLEGAL! What was that bully’s punishment? Did the bully’s parents have to pay for a doctor’s visit to examine and treat these 27 STABS!?? Since the Mother of the victim is not satisfied that her son’s well-being was of any relevance to the School, she should seek legal representation and SUE! Sadly, that seems to be the only way nowadays to make institutions even begin to see the error of their ways.

  2. Sounds like the other boy is a bully. How in the world does someone let another person poke them 27 times without telling the teacher or punching the kid out unless there is an element of fear. The boy’s mother isn’t the only parent who’s upset.

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