Michel’le Admits To Being Abused By Dr. Dre

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After what seemed to be an intense therapy session turned into a love fest, the attention switched to Michel’le who opened up about her abusive relationship with Dr. Dre. She admitted that she had plastic surgery and a fake nose as a result of the abuse she constantly endured from Dr. Dre while they were together. She revealed that Dr. Dre broke her nose and gave her three black eyes. She later went on to talk about her next relationship with Suge Knight, who she felt restored her self esteem and helped her believe that she didn’t deserve to be beaten in the sake of love.

At the end of the reunion, it was time for the big reveal: an R&B Divas Tour featuring Kelly Price, Faith Evans, Dawn Robinson, Chante Moore, Brownstone and Keke Wyatt! Sounds amazing already… where do we sign up!?


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3 thoughts on “Michel’le Reveals Dr. Dre Broke Her Nose & Gave Her 3 Black Eyes On ‘R&B Divas:LA’ Reunion [RECAP]

  1. I guess IF Dr Dre response, he will deny he beat her. Maybe the jerk won’t response at all!! Whats up with Dawn? This show has REALLY revealed somethings a lot of us didn’t know about these ladies. I’m glad they made up though. Dawn needs to come out at some point and say SOMETHING about all of this. If she doesn’t, the public will just assume she is a weak, frail jelly fish of a woman. If I was a black woman, I would NOT be happy with Dawn. She is giving the strong black women a bad name!! There are 2 sides to every story. Wendy Williams is the PERFECT person to do a show like this!!!

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