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The second installment of the reunion special of “R&B Divas: LA” was quite a real tearjerker. The ladies brought the out the claws and stiletto nails for the last time but also managed to shock the audience with revelations about their pasts. Wendy Williams hosted the segment again and brought out the good, bad and ugly in all of the ladies but in typical diva fashion, they all ended on a positive note and proclaimed to be “sisters for life”.

Find out what happened below, and watch the full episode here in case you missed it!

Dawn’s Weakness

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We started part two of the reunion special just where we left off. Dawn was still noticeably absent and when her absence was brought up again, Michel’le said that she was disappointed that Dawn wasn’t present but even more disappointed that she quit the monologues to please Kelly. Mo chimed in and stated that Dawn needed the monologues more than anybody and agreed that she was wrong for quitting. She also labeled Dawn “weak” and surprisingly (or not) the rest of the divas agreed. Too bad Dawn wasn’t there to defend herself on this one, but I guess she gave up that right when she decided not to show up to the reunion (and perhaps it was for the best).

Michel’le Reveals Dr. Dre Broke Her Nose & Gave Her 3 Black Eyes On ‘R&B Divas:LA’ Reunion [RECAP] was originally published on

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3 thoughts on “Michel’le Reveals Dr. Dre Broke Her Nose & Gave Her 3 Black Eyes On ‘R&B Divas:LA’ Reunion [RECAP]

  1. I guess IF Dr Dre response, he will deny he beat her. Maybe the jerk won’t response at all!! Whats up with Dawn? This show has REALLY revealed somethings a lot of us didn’t know about these ladies. I’m glad they made up though. Dawn needs to come out at some point and say SOMETHING about all of this. If she doesn’t, the public will just assume she is a weak, frail jelly fish of a woman. If I was a black woman, I would NOT be happy with Dawn. She is giving the strong black women a bad name!! There are 2 sides to every story. Wendy Williams is the PERFECT person to do a show like this!!!

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