On the tennis court Serena Williams is unchallenged but that doesn’t mean she can’t be and isn’t challenged off the court … and recently she was in a journalistic kind of way by Gayle King.  And from the looks of things, Serena won that challenge as well.

Basically, she was on the CBS This Morning show, which Gayle co-hosts, to discuss her US Open victory on Sunday. Gayle sort of slyly inquired about her relationship with married tennis coach Patrick Mouratoglou.

As Rhymes with Snitch put it, she “paused for a few awkward beats before ignoring Gayle’s messy fishing expedition and replying to a question that had already been answered.”

Good try Gayle, but you just got served an overhand lob from Serena who, for good reason it seems, doesn’t want to open that can of worms cause it could get real interesting and not in a good way for her.

That’s because, if the tabloids – such as Lipstick Alley are correct – Mouratoglou and his wife have three children and are separated, but not yet divorced:

And while I applaud Serena for the way in which she handled the questioning here, let’s not pretend that this isn’t a story. She is sleeping with her MARRIED coach. It’s an issue and a story (always a story with athletes and their coaches) whether you are a Serena fan or not. The same way in which the story would be hyped if this were about her father as her coach, it’s hyped about her LOVER who is her coach. I’ve actually been shocked by the way in which the media has treated the whole thing with kid gloves.

10 thoughts on “Serena Williams Avoids Gayle’s Question about Her Married Coach/Lover (Watch)

  1. Sarah on said:

    Do we know that Serena and her coach are sleeping together? Was Serena and Venus sleeping with their first coach, their dad Richard.

  2. Rhemas Place on said:

    I also believe that the man or woman who knowingly puts themselves into a marriage is just as wrong as the person who brought them into the marriage!

  3. dt: RU married, and if not have you ever been married? My point is that if you’ve never been married perhaps you ‘DON’T GET IT.’ Also, I’m SMH trying to figure out what God, and the government has to do with who someone is dating?

    • Dating someone who is still married is the issue. When you get married it becomes a legally binding situation before God (vows to God and each other are made) and society recognizes it. Thats all I’m saying. I guess I’m old school, but being married is a serious lifetime committment, not just something you can jump in and out of. Again, this has nothing to do with Serena. I’m talking in general. We as a people seem so lax with certain things that we should take more seriously. Marriage is one of them. If God AND society still recognizes you as being married, stepping out of that just ain’t cool to me. I have never been married, so maybe I don’t get it. Please explain if you have.

      • Rhemas Place on said:

        Actually, dtown, I have been married for nearly 20 years and I do get what you are saying…if my husband and I were to separate…I would not date or have a relationship with anyone else until I am completely divorced and have him out of my system because I do believe in my vows both in the spiritual and legal context…I don’t think that extra people should be brought into a marriage…its usually too complicated.

  4. the Timekeeper on said:

    What really bugs me about this as that everyone says, ” The guy is a dog for doing this” Perhaps that is true, but then what does that say about the woman who knowingly dones this? Just sayin…

  5. This has been an issue before, not just with Serena. I don’t know if this is true with Serena, so I’m not judging. But I think SOME people think when you are separated from your spouse, that means its OK to date, sleep with or have a relationship with that person. Until their divorce is final, they are STILL considered married in the eyes of God and the government. Wasn’t this the issue with Alicia Keys and Swiss? Seems like there have been other situations like this, I just can’t think of them. Some people will say, hey they aren’t together and are in the process of getting divorced. That just doesn’t cut it, but hey DO YOU BOO BOO!!!!

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