Comedian Chris Paul gives his hilarious take on the day’s hottest topics.

According to source Lamar Odom’s crack addiction is so bad that his crack dealer cut him off.  Wow, that’s unheard of.  What’s next?  Is Ciroc going to cut off Lindsay Lohan?  Is Twitter going to cut off Anthony Weiner?  Or is KFC going to cut my big ass off?

And speaking of drugs, New York Knicks player, JR Smith has been suspended five games of the upcoming season for violating the NBA’s anti-drug policy.  Now no word on what drugs JR got caught taking, but I know that during last season’s playoffs he was taking a prescription drug called IBrickEmAll.

Frank Ocean wore a t-shirt with a picture on the front dissing Chris Brown.  But if Frank wants his friends to see it he should probably put that picture on the back of his t-shirt.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is back.  He’s returning to his body building roots.  Arnold is appearing in a sequel to his 1977 body building documentary Pumping Iron.  But Arnold has changed a lot since 1977.  These days Arnold’s idea of pumping iron is doing the maid while she presses his slacks.

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One thought on “FRANK OCEAN Warns People Against CHRIS BROWN- MORNING MINUTE

  1. deedee on said:

    love the comment about Frank Ocean!! yeah who is he to diss anyone, be grateful that people accept you for what you are! OMG

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