Usher On Red Carpet With Sons


Just when we thought we saw some sort of peace in the relationship of Usher Raymond and his ex-wife Tameka Foster, Usher takes her back to court. The R&B star is going back to court in order to have his child support payments reduced.

Merely a few days after a family court judge dismissed Foster’s attempt for emergency custody of their two young sons, Usher is bringing Tameka Foster to court in to have his $8,000 a month child support payments reduced. Usher claims the child support payments should be reduced because the amount is based on a previous agreement made before he was granted primary custody of the children. Since then, he says, he’s been overpaying Tameka for the last seven months.

Usher and Tameka were in court last week when Tameka filed an emergency hearing for custody after their son Usher V almost drowned in Usher’s pool when he got his hand caught in a pool drain. As we mentioned earlier, Foster’s request was thrown out of court based on the fact the judge said that type of accident could happen to any parent.

Let’s hope these two can finally get it together one of these days because all of this public squabbling isn’t good for their two sons.



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4 thoughts on “Usher Heads Back To Court To Reduce Child Support Payments

  1. Vanessa Gayden on said:

    Usher previously filed for reduction of child support prior to the pool incident. If he has primary custody, that generally means at least 60%. Which means, his child support should be reduced since he has the children a majority of the time. Hopefully, she is not living off the child support that is for the children.

  2. charles mason on said:

    What makes her a better parent than Usher. He has just as much right than she has to have custody of the kid(s). If I’m not mistaken, he has full custody… She should pay child support.

  3. The Judge is right that kinda of accident can happen to any parent….my question is does Tammika have 1/2 custody or equal custody of their children???..since both parents parent the children. What males Usher a better parent than her? It’s not fair what the system & Usher is doing to the mother of those kids.

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